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The Keistad Triathlon is coming up again! This year's AthleteSportsWorld one of the proud sponsors of this beautiful triathlon in Amersfoort.

That means that as a participant you can get all the supplies you need for your triathlon at ASW. Both the beginner and the advanced triathlete will succeed in our store. And do you need advice? Just let our experienced staff know, because they are triathletes themselves. And what's more, colleague Peter is also at the start himself!

During the Keistad Triathlon is AthleteSportsWorld present with a booth. Then we will sell a small assortment. Do you need something right now? Then it's best to order your product right away, then you can train with it too. Use the discount code KEISTAD2023 for a discount.

Don't have a wetsuit for your (first) participation in the Keistad Triathlon? No problem. Below you see the possibility to rent a wetsuit. Click on the product and checkout the rental, don't forget the code KEISTAD2023!

We will then take your wetsuit to Amersfoort, so you can pick it up at our stand after you register for the race. Of course we will also help you try on your wetsuit. Then you will definitely be well prepared at the start.

Do you still have a question? Please contact us by phone, email or whatsapp. See you soon in Amersfoort!

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