Zone3 Streamline Swimskin Dames
Zone3 Streamline Swimskin Dames
Zone3 Streamline Swimskin Dames
Zone3 Streamline Swimskin Dames


Zone3 Streamline Sleeveless Swimskin Women

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Zone3 Streamline Sleeveless Swimskin Women


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The Zone3 Streamline Swimskin has been developed as an entry -level version of our classic swimming trunks , who was previously on the shortlist in the 'Gear of the Year' function From the Lava Magazine .   The suits have been developed as a result of a number of requests from Ironman athletes who are looking for that extra support from the core and less resistance during a non -wetsuit competition.  

Is made from A lightweight and compressively woven Italian  dust on the main area, of a Brightly colored rear panel for extra visibility. It Pak is completely water -repellent and, together with adhesive seams, ensures less resistance through the water.  

The suit is designed to go across the top of your racing uniform, so offers good coverage of the body. The fit is designed for speed and the seams are glued and glued to the head for comfort and to maximize the resistance to pull. There is also a zipper on the back with a cord attached to it so that the suits can be easily removed.  


  • Has us Italian top tissues made, including our proven Revo Energy fabric on the main area.  
  • Hydrofobe fabric for maximum compression and minimum water absorption.  
  • Water -repellent coating on the body for a faster dive.  
  • Fully glued seams for comfort and minimal resistance.  
  • Fit designed for speed and maximum coverage.  

Keep in mind that this one powerful Product is and that you must be careful when putting on the suit. Once you are on, you are completely ready to go swimming faster than ever!

What makes this product otherwise:  

  • Designed for extreme resistance to pull through the water .  
  • Colored rear panels for visibility .  
  • Adhesive seams and high-tech nano coat .  
  • Developed as a entry -level swimwear .  

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