Refund policy

On this page you can read all the information about canceling your order, returning your order and registering a guarantee request.

Cancel your order
Have you placed an order with us and has this order not shipped yet? Then you can cancel that order at any time. Send us a message or call us, we can cancel your order right away and you will get the purchase amount back from us. See below for more information about repayments.

Returning your order
Has your order been sent to you? Then you can return your order within 30 days. You can do that by sending it back to us or by bringing it to our store.

If you want to return an order, we request that you first let us know. Send us an e-mail via or send an answer to one of the e-mails that you have received in response to your order. You can return your order at your own expense, unless we have made a mistake. Let us know the error, then the shipping costs are of course for our account and then you will receive a return label from us.

For the return shipment you can bring your package to the nearest package point. You can then send the package to:

Schollenbrugstraat 10-H
1091 EZ Amsterdam

Return shipments from the Netherlands usually arrive with us within a few days. Keep in mind that returns from another country can take longer, sometimes up to a few weeks.

Reimbursement of your purchase amount
After returning your order, we process the reimbursement of the purchase amount as soon as possible. We usually do that the same day, for example in a holiday period it can take a little longer. In all cases we will pay back within 14 days of receiving your return shipment. Do you have a question or comment about the reimbursement? Send us an e-mail via

Register a guarantee request
Has a product been defective? Or does it not meet your expectations? Then there may be a guarantee case. In all cases where you want to claim the legal and/or factory warranty, we request that you Immediately after the occurrence of damage and/or defectSend an e-mail to or to answer to one of the e-mails that you have received as a result of your order.

In your e-mail, state clearly what reason is for your warranty request, briefly describe how and under which use a damage or defect has arisen and, if possible, add a photo of the damage or the defect. We then assess and answer your warranty request as soon as possible, whether or not in consultation with the manufacturer.