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MAURTEN Gel100 Caffeine Energiegel

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MAURTEN Gel100 Caffeine Energiegel

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Imagine a product that combines hydrogel technology, carbohydrates and caffeine.

Well, now it's here.

Caffeine tastes bitter. The sports food industry has traditionally tried to hide the bitterness in Gels by adding tastes and sour, or by simply having a low caffeine content. But added artificial flavors do not help you go faster. And you want enough caffeine. So we decided to easily bypass the problem. By using our Hydrogel technology, we have built a biopolymer matrix that is close enough to capture both the caffeine and the carbohydrate mixture. The result: gel 100 caf 100 - a real gel with low bitterness, low sweetness, an effective caffeine content and lots of energy.

Again, it's a world first.

The gel 100 caf 100 contains 100 mg caffeine - that is the equivalent of 1.5 espressos - or a cup of coffee. That is a lot, compared to many of the traditional gels that exist. It delivers 25 grams of carbohydrates through a unique mix of fructose and glucose (ratio of 0.8: 1) that makes recordings up to 100 grams of carbohydrates per hour. It has a high weight / energy ratio and contains no added flavors, preservatives or dyes. Just like all our products, it is vegan.

Use the gel 100 caf 100 only during shorter durations, or combine it with other Maurten products to ensure that you have enough energy during your session.

Why Caffeine?

Caffeine has been shown to increase alertness and reduces the observed effort. These are properties that can be favorable with sports performance. The Gel 100 Caf 100 can be used to build caffeine content - in itself, together with regular coffee - or to reach sufficient caffeine content during activity.

Amount of energy

Studies have shown that our body can use up to 90 grams of carbohydrates per hour. Recent science has shown that the 0.8: 1 fructose a glucose ratio makes an even greater admission possible - up to 100 grams per hour. The Gel 100 has been developed using this ratio and works out a lot of energy. A portion contains 25 grams of carbohydrates.


  • Fructose
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Gluconic
  • Sodium alginate
  • 25 mg Carbohydrate
  • 100 mg Caffiene (CAF)


Gel 100 caf 100 - user manual

The reaction to caffeine is very individual,   From very ergogen to Ergolytic

  • The effectiveness of caffeine is dose -dependent
  • The reaction to caffeine is very individual
  • The effective dose is variable and unpredictable  
  • More is not always better

Developing a food strategy for races or keys sessions is complex. Everyone is different - and the recording and metabolization of caffeine varies from person to person. There are two important factors that you should take into account: your body weight and if you are used to caffeine. Science suggests an intake of 3 mg caffeine per kilogram of body weight to improve performance. But again, it's very individual. We have developed some general guidelines for the use of the Gel 100 CAF 100, based on our own findings and scientific literature.

Duration <1 hour before This strategy is required 1 portion of gel 100 caf 100.

Before: a favorable caffeine content can be achieved by consuming approximately 200 mg before the activity. This can be achieved by drinking one cup of coffee, in the hours prior to the event, and one gel 100 caf 100 during your warming. You could reach the level of caffeine by consuming two gel 100 cafes 100, but the total amount of carbohydrates is a bit exaggerated for a short event.

Duration <2 hours This strategy would require 2-3 portions of gel 100 caf 100.

Before: strive for consuming 200 mg caffeine prior to activity. This translates into consuming two gel 100 cafe 100. For an event that lasts approximately two hours, having two gel 100 caf 100 is a handy way to build the caffeine content - and at the same time supplement the carbohydrate level. Remember that one gel 100 cafe 100 packaging contains 25 grams of carbohydrates. During: Consume a gel 100 caf 100 about thirty minutes after the activity to ensure that your caffeine is maintained. Don't forget to supplement the carbohydrates. Strive to consume 30-60 grams of carbohydrates every hour.  

Duration> 2 hours for This strategy is at least 3 portions (depending on the duration) of gel 100 caf 100.

Before: consume two gel 100 cafe 100 during the hours prior to the event. Then you have reached an intake of 200 mg of caffeine and 50 grams of carbohydrates. During: Consume a gel 100 caf 100 about thirty minutes after the activity to ensure that your caffeine is maintained. Try to consume one gel 100 caf 100 each second hour to maintain the caffeine content. Don't forget to supplement the carbohydrates - either by using the gel 100, drink mix 160 or drink mix 320. It is ambitious, but strives for an intake of approximately 60 - 90 grams of carbohydrates per hour.

Remember that these guidelines are simplified and can only be used as a rule of thumb. Caffeine is not for everyone. Consult a doctor if you are unsure or are pregnant. And don't forget that it makes no sense to increase your caffeine intake. You can never compensate training and over -consumption does not help you.

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