Training -Weaks Wouter DijkshoornAre you looking for a workshop on training theory, nutrition or coaching? As an athlete, do you want to be better prepared at the start? Or do you want a group of after -school professionals in one of these areas? Will then Training Tweaks help you with this.

Wouter Dijkshoorn

Wouter uses himself to transfertweak, Small change to optimize functioning. Every professional, coach, trainer Or athlete has his or her own way of acting. You are authentic and that makes you unique. He tries in from my specialtyTraining theory, nutritionanddidacticsthe to retain authenticity of the professional, but at the same time challenge them to step outside his or her comfort zone.

Also take a look at Wouter's blog. He already has many interesting articles Written that can be read on his website.

Wouter also regularly writes for the NTB Magazine Transition