From an early age I have been worried about sports. As a child I did athletics and as a student on competition rowing. In addition, I have always cycled, from the four -day bicycle to races with an amateur license. The last two years I have focused on the triathlon. With my Dolphin teammates I have the 1 last seasone Division of the team competition managed to win, which has resulted in promotion to the Eredivisie. Individually I placed myself this summer via Ironman Maastricht for the World Championship Ironman on Hawaii, a fantastic experience! Next season I will focus on the shorter triathlons in the Eredivisie and in the longer term I want to qualify (again) for the Ironman World Cup at the entire and half distance.

In addition to all the sports, I work as a teacher Science, Physics and NLT at the Hyperion Lyceum in Amsterdam-Noord and I am trainer At Wattbike Amstel, where I can guide and motivate cyclists and triathletes to improve on the bicycle part.