Water has always played a central role in Pim van Diemen's sporting life. In his youth he was an avid swimmer and during his college years he preferred a place on the water instead of in it: he went fanatic rowing.

When Pim chose a social career after his studies, the big black hole loomed. Rowing turned out to be a real student sport and hard to continue training in combination with a full-time job. Reason enough to look for other sporting challenges. And through the purchase of a road bike he ended up in triathlon. Never afraid to challenge himself, the whole triathlon became a bucket-list thing.

"I tackled that in stages, of course," the Amsterdam native explains. "Through the eighth, quarter and half triathlons, I prepared for what was basically supposed to be a one-time adventure. So that one time went way out of control." Thanks to a friend, Pim also joined association ASU'11 and, thanks to team competitions, the triathlon experience became even more diverse.

"Fun always comes first for me. That's my main drive. But as long as I keep improving I am definitely curious about where the limit lies, but not at any cost," Pim speaks realistically, indicating that an existence as a pro is not a goal in itself.

The bridge to AthleteSportsWorld through ASU'11 is of course easily made: co-owner Peter van Dartel is also a member here and the two have known each other for several years. "The nice thing about ASW is that it is not purely about selling products. Matthias and Peter are not satisfied until a customer walks out of the store satisfied. Social and fun are paramount." With that, ASW's values align perfectly with Pim's.

Pim's main goals for season 2023:

04-06 NK middle distance Nieuwkoop

25-06 Challenge Roth

09-09 European Championship long distance Almere