Kim grew up in an athletic family, where triathlon quickly became the common thread. At age five, she started dancing, but preferred to put the then short legs on the tartan track in quick succession. So at seven she ended up at the athletic club and joined cycling. At 12, the time had come: she could finally join the local triathlon club TVS.

From then on, things went fast for Kim. "I did my first junior race in Amsterdam and that tasted like more. Together with my brother Joey we ran all the races of the youth and junior circuit and soon followed the first Europa Cup, in Holten," said the ambitious triathlete. Kim's star continued to rise and she joined the NTB selection in Sittard. But after a down period, she has decided to stop there now.

"Physically I am completely fine, but mentally I want to make strides. That's why the focus for now is on mainly enjoying the upcoming races to come. Grand Prix, Bundesliga and Eredivisie," with which Kim is realistic in her goals: taking a step back to put fun first and foremost, to hopefully be able to take two steps forward again later.

AthleteSportsWorld plays an important role in this for Kim: "I have been involved with ASW from the beginning as an athlete and I think it is incredibly cool that I am still there. ASW focuses not only on the top athlete, but on all athletes, from beginner to advanced. In doing so, I hope to be able to inspire other athletes."

So Kim's main message is: do it primarily because you love the sport itself. For yourself and not for anyone else.