Veloforte Di Bosco Energiereep (62gr)
Veloforte Di Bosco Energiereep (62gr)
Veloforte Di Bosco Energiereep (62gr)
Veloforte Di Bosco Energiereep (62gr)
Veloforte Di Bosco Energiereep (62gr)
Veloforte Di Bosco Energiereep (62gr)
Veloforte Di Bosco Energiereep (62gr)
Veloforte Di Bosco Energiereep (62gr)
Veloforte Di Bosco Energiereep (62gr)


Veloforte Di Bosco Energy bar (62gr)

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Taste:Redcurrants - Almonds - Pistachios
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Veloforte Di Bosco Energy bar (62gr)

Redcurrants - Almonds - Pistachios

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Foundational Health & Performance

Founded to help you to #fuelbetter no matter how far or fast you go.

Veloforte Di Bosco Energy bar (62gr)

Taste: Fruity and chewy with red berries, almonds and pistachios

Each Di Bosco bar delivers 40g of carbohydrates from two sources - a blend of natural glucose and fructose from the dried fruits and syrups in each recipe - in addition to 5g of plant-based protein. The real way to re-energize on the go.*

Di Bosco is a lusciously flavored energy bar full of chewy red berries, crunchy pistachios and almonds and fresh lemon zest that brightens up even the longest efforts. The ultimate upgrade.

  • 40 g of carbohydrates from two sources: The perfect blend of natural glucose and fructose for long-lasting and efficient energy.
  • Vegetable protein: Enjoy the benefits of 5g of vegetable protein.
  • Small batch, handmade excellence: Made with care for exceptional taste and texture.
  • Real food, real energy: Di Bosco Bar offers a real, natural way to re-energize, with no artificial additives.
  • Certified for performance: Informed-Sport tested and certified, so you can be sure each batch is free of banned substances.

    Not suitable for people with nut or peanut allergies.


    Mixed dried fruits (34%) (cranberries* (12%), raisins, dates, sour cherries*), mixed nuts (almonds (19%), pistachios (4%)), cane sugar, gram flour, brown rice syrup, tapioca flour, lemon juice & zest, strawberry & beet powders, mixed spices, wafer paper (potato starch), vanilla extract, vanilla seeds. *Sweetened with sugar. Allergens: see bold ingredients

    Veloforte Uses whole fruits and whole nuts in their products. Although they make every effort to remove all fruit kernels and nut shells, the occasional shred may remain. They will keep for 12 months if stored in a cool, dry place.  

    Nutritional values:

    Typical Values: Per 100g Per Bar 62g
    Energy kJ/KCal 1682/401 1043/249
    Total Fat (g) 13.8
    Of Which Saturates (g) 1.3
    Carbohydrates (g) 65
    Of Which Sugars (g) 49
    Fibre (g) 8
    Protein (g) 8.2
    Salt (g) <0.1

    Why Choose Veloforte

    ALL Natural and Tasteful

    Real Food

    Naturally delicious big motivation whatever the distance.


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