Veilig en zorgeloos sporten, zo doe je dat

Exercise safely and carefree, that's how you do it

Athletes need the right things to exercise safely and carefree. In this blog we discuss which products you can use to exercise stress -free and hands -free.

During your work or study you will be presented with quite a few incentives. Deadlines, meetings, overtime, this can all ensure that you experience more stress than before. It is therefore always a good idea to get moving after such a long working day. Sport is an excellent remedy for stressful periods!


Physical movement influences your hormone balance because the anti-stress hormone endorphins are released. In addition, you get much more energy, positive feelings, and it can work as an outlet valve for accumulated frustrations. In this way, sports lower your stress content.

So keep moving. But even more important, move without stress! To help you with this, we have made a selection of all products that ensure that you can exercise stress -free and hands -free. Take advantage of it and read with it!


Stress -free running

Music often gives motivation for your training. Headphones or earbuds with good sound is therefore not a superfluous luxury. But often this is accompanied by some disadvantages.

You know it, the threads of your earplugs swing in all directions while running, the earplugs start to hurt, or you get nothing from all the traffic around you.

That is why we recommend investing in the Shokz Open Move headphones. With these wireless headphones you remain aware of your environment because the open move is in front of the ear, not in it. This way you can enjoy hands -free and safely music during your running sessions. 

To listen to music you will often have to take your phone with you. You can of course do this with a bracelet, but if you also want to bring a water bottle, we recommend a Renvest. For example theseUltimate Direction


Do you exercise in the evening because you don't have time during the day? Then make sure you are visible in the dark. Always wear an enlightened or reflective runneror use running lights.


Stress -free cycling

Cycling is certainly not without risks. Massive falls during the Tour, news articles about collisions, and a blowout in the middle of nowhere. You want to prevent these accidents at all times. How do you do that?

First of all, it is of course extremely important to wear a quality helmet every bike ride. Also make sure that the helmet fits well. Measuring is knowing! In addition, choose a safe helmet with shock absorbers or extra impact protection, such as the Kask Protone WG11.

To get on your racing bike without worry, you want to be sure that your material is also in order. A dry chain, rusty brakes, or a blowout can often be prevented in advance. Take your bike to the bicycle repair shop from time to time. Or give your bike regularly maintenance with theDynamic maintenance box

In addition, the holiday period is coming again. For many people, that means that larger distances will be cycled. For these trips it is useful to use a bicycle bag so that you can take some extra things with you. For example, choose the Miss Grape Frametas. This allows the weight to be well distributed over the bike and you take all your things safely with you.

Stress -free swimming

Do you want to swim carefree abroad without having to worry about your valuables on the beach? Then just take your things with you!The Dry Bag Is a swimming buoy in which you can take things dry while swimming. For example, think of your wallet, telephone and keys. In addition, you remain much more visible to other watergoers.

Do you have a competition and do you not want to drag extra weight? Then choose the Tow Float. This swimming buoy is extremely light so that you experience little resistance, but it remains safely visible.

We also recommend wearing a bathing cap with striking color. This way you stand out even more in the dark water. Logically you choose the one and only Asw bathing cap!

Your eyes need protection against bright light and UV rays. Especially during the summer period when the sun is shining. The Aqua Sphere is an excellent option and offers 100% UV protection.


To ask?

If you still have questions about how you can exercise safely and hands -free? Or do you wonder which products suit you as a athlete best? Then don't hesitate to come by in the store or approach us online!

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