Duursport en elektrolyten, zo doe je het goed

Endurance sports and electrolytes, this is how to do it right

When you're working out, drinking well is very important. That means not only drinking enough, but also adding minerals to your water. Why. Under an endurance load, only with such electrolytes can your body properly retain the fluid intake as well. In this blog, you'll read all about how to stay properly hydrated. Important information if you are going to train, start a race or participate in a trip, especially in warm weather!
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Summer and thus the (really) warm weather is coming again. Moreover, your calendar is packed with trainings, races, (touring) tours and other events.

Hot weather sports

"When it's hot outside, you have to drink well." That's how you used to learn, and it's certainly true. Drinking "well" only means not just drinking "a lot," but drinking just the right (minimum) amount and especially if you're exercising, providing your drink with electrolytes as well.

What are electrolytes?

For the effective absorption of fluid, your body needs electrolytes. These are minerals you need for the proper functioning of your muscles and nerves, but your organs also need them to keep your metabolism going.

The most important electrolytes are magnesium, potassium, chloride, sodium and calcium.

When you exercise, you sweat

And when you sweat, you don't just sweat out fluids. You also lose electrolytes. So you want to replenish those, because with the loss of these important minerals, your performance will also decline. This is because muscle cramping is lurking and if you don't get your hydration in order, you may become nauseous, dizzy and even faint. That sounds extreme, but unfortunately happens faster than you think. Therefore, in this case, prevention is better than cure.

The basic rules for endurance athletes

First, here are some basic rules that apply to us as endurance athletes. First, you must drink enough during your exercise. Enough is of course different for each athlete, but at least keep in mind that most endurance athletes drink too little rather than enough during longer efforts.

Are you going to exercise for less than an hour? Then you can replenish your fluid deficit afterwards with a good recovery drink, also containing electrolytes.

Are you going to exercise for more than an hour? Then drinking becomes essential for your performance as an athlete. And this applies not only to races or tours, but also to training sessions. After all, you do want to train effectively! If you are going to exercise for more than an hour, drinks with electrolytes are a must-have, because only with these will you be able to retain the fluids you take in. The electrolytes will prevent you from dehydrating while drinking...

Also, drink on time. Your body can absorb a maximum amount of fluid per hour, especially under exertion. Start your training, race or trek well hydrated. Then start drinking almost as soon as you start or leave. If you drink too little in your first hour of exercise, you will have limited time to make up for it in your second hour and you will notice it in your third hour because of the first (slight) symptoms.

You can learn to hydrate

I (male, 185cm/85kg) drink at least one 750ml water bottle containing electrolytes per hour when training and/or touring in warm conditions. And I do that really consciously, in the sense that I actually try to empty the water bottle. In short, don't wait for thirst, by then it's too late to drink.

Electrolytes in your sports drink

Nowadays it is easier than ever to fill your water bottles with sports drink. Just take water from the tap and add a tablet or scoop with a mix of electrolytes, vitamins and/or caffeine.

In addition, energy drink drink mixes often contain electrolytes right away. So not only do you get essential minerals, but also carbohydrates!

Hydration drinks at athletesportsworld

Are you starting your first triathlon soon? Are you participating in a tour? Or will you be training and sweating hard? Then check out our hydration drink solutions at ASW.

Hydration tablets

Easiest by far. Throw a tablet in your water bottle, fill up with water and drink away! We have a wide variety of flavors and compositions.

Energy drinks

With this drink mixes kill two birds with one stone. You get electrolytes and energy. Buy a large can or bag and scoop the right amount into a water bottle at home. Or increase your convenience and buy individual bags, which you empty into your water bottle at once.

Need advice?

Electrolytes are important for you as an athlete. At any level! Still have questions? Then let us know. Call, email or chat with us. We are happy to tell you everything. Or drop by our store in Amsterdam, where we can show you all types, sizes and flavors as well.


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