Onze best sellers van 2021: Dit is de lijst + staff picks van ASW!

Our best sellers from 2021: this is the list + staff picks from ASW!

Grew in 2021 AthleteSportsWorld Faster than ever. Thanks to the athletes who get advice and Gear from us.
Now we only wondered: what do those athletes get with us? Of course we have many products and we have sold a few of everything, but we have listed the absolute bestsellers from a few categories for you. What did you buy in 2021? And were these bestsellers in between? Check it!
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The past year has been an eventful one. For several reasons, but of course we mean that it was eventful again. Also in 2021, you athletes knew how to find our store often.

In addition, we gave advice online and in the store about the many products in our assortment. We were there to help you get better and take that next step. We like to do that at athletesportsworld. 

We gave advice on some products more often than others. That has to do with popularity. Some products are just cool, think brands like Wahoo and Dynamic Bike Care. Other products are safe, like swim buoys from Zone3 or running lights from Bee Sports. And finally, we just had real best sellers, meaning products that simply sold the best.

What were our best-selling products in a number of categories? And which do we at ASW think are the favorites? We took a moment to list that. You can read all about it in this blog post. See below an overview per product category.

Everyone always needs new socks, right? Below you can see our top 5 from the past year.

  1. Sporcks Eye yellow running socks: Our best seller of the past year. Why? Super good and fine socks in flashy yellow. With a nod to the runners running behind you, because hey, with these you are a winner.
  2. Sporckssexy red cycling socks: You prefer to ride your bike? And you're also sexy? Apparently there are more cyclists like you.
  3. Incylence Squares Inferno running socks: Good brand, nice fit and graphic design. Cycling hard in style.
  4. Compresssport PRORACING v3.0 cycling socks white: Cycling socks may have a color, as long as they are white. These are the socks chosen by pros and endurance athletes. Unparalleled quality and fit for the really long rides.
  5. Sporcks Race Day black and white cycling socks: Go for it. Race day is here. And with these socks, you already have a head start.

ASW staff pick: Generally Sporcks. Matthias is a fan of Sporcks. The quality and the designs are unique. And yes, you have to love it and with so many designs there is something for everyone.

Whether you want to swim in open water or also participate in races, such as in a triathlon, a fine wetsuit is a must-have. Last year we sold more of them than ever. We have many different brands, types and fits. The following wetsuits were the bestsellers of 2021:

  1. Zone3 Aspire: By far the best-selling wetsuit of the past year. This is not surprising either. Best value for money with super flexible neoprene and a great fit for many people. And suitable for all open water tours and even top listings in triathlons.
  2. 2XU P:1 Propel: The name says it all, this is a fast suit. A tighter fit though, but if you are looking for more performance and speed, this is your suit. Bought a lot by triathletes, super positive feedback after the first race.
  3. Zone3 Aspect: In 2021, open water swimming was unprecedentedly popular. Do you swim breaststroke? Then this is the most purchased wetsuit.
  4. Dare2Tri Mach2: Basic entry level wetsuit, mainly bought by open water swimmers. Just a bit thicker neoprene, therefore warm and sturdy. Fits the budget of starters well.
  5. Zone3 Vision: Lots of buoyancy and features of the fastest suit from Zone3, the Vanquish. Therefore the top pick of beginning triathletes.

ASW staff pick: Zone3 Aspire. Most sold, best feedback. Truly a winner. Need a new wetsuit? Always try this one.

Sport glasses
New goggles. Last year we sold more than ever. This has to do with fashion, of course, because eyewear is bigger than ever. However, don't forget quality as well, as the glasses below all offer you great vision. Which is your favorite?

  1. Kask Koo Demos cycling glasses: Yep, this is the fashion of 2021 and also 2022. Big and flashy. Can bike rock hard and shine on the terrace. Best value for money.
  2. Bliz Matrix: Super price, super glasses. What color do you choose?
  3. Bliz Vision Nordic Light: Cycling in dark conditions, but with the looks? These are your glasses.
  4. 100% s3 white frame red lens: Cooler than cool. Peter Sagan has it too.
  5. Roka CP-1X: Higher-end glasses, but what a fine thing this is. Unprecedented quality of the lenses.

ASW staff pick : Peter chooses the glasses of Peter Sagan. What more could you want?

Sports nutrition
Everyone has a different preference. So not really big differences in sales numbers, but a clear top 5:

  1. Maurten GEL100: Lots of energy in one bag. Despite the slightly higher price, it does sell the most. Neutral taste, easy on the stomach and lots of energy.
  2. Clifbar Blocks: Don't know this one yet? The hit of 2021. Ideal for running, just a few Blocks with you. Tasty and something different. Are actually wine gums...
  3. High5 Energy Gel: Good price and good taste. Just give me a box of those, of those and of those. That's how it goes in the store then.
  4. Maurten Gel100 Caffeine: Want to go hard? Then this one. Alternate with the Gel100 and every marathon is a prey for a PR.
  5. Clifbar Energy bar: Along the way, you'll also want to eat something more solid every now and then. Say a cookie. Then the Clifbar ideal.

ASW staff pick: Never Second. New in 2021, therefore not yet the most sold. Already the new secret of ASW, though. Bike and run faster than ever in 2022? Try it out.

Bicycle trainers
Who doesn't already have a trainer? If you want to bike hard and far in the summer, you can and should train in the winter.

  1. Wahoo Kickr Power: The standard in bike trainers. Compact, quiet and well-loved.
  2. Tacx Neo Smart 2T: Sturdy, solid and super accurate. Not inferior to the Wahoo, but just a little less cool.
  3. Wahoo Kickr Core Smart: Little brother of the Power. But no less, a bit more affordable.
  4. Elite Directo XR-T: Probably the best value for money. Really a very good one trainer, sold a lot in the store (kind of "seeing is buying").
  5. Tacx Flux S Smart: No nonsense trainer. Get on for just over €500. Then right on Zwift ...

ASW staff pick: Doesn't really matter much. Let it depend on your budget. All of the above trainers are direct drive and you want that.

Cycling Computers
If you're cycling hard, you want to be able to see that. Here are the top-selling bike computers of 2021. All of them excel with GPS navigation. Budget determines your features and also the size, because something bigger is often also a bit more expensive.

  1. Wahoo Bolt V2 GPS
  2. Garmin Edge 1030 Plus
  3. Garmin Edge 530
  4. Wahoo Elemnt Roam GPS
  5. Hammerhead Karoo

 ASW staff pick: The new Wahoo Bolt. Now with color screen. Compact yet everything you want. And aerodynamic in shape, which surely saves a few watts.

So hey. That's a lot of great products. Is there something for you, too? We are happy to advise you, just let us know. Or order your favorite product right away by clicking on it. You won't regret it, because in 2021 many customers preceded you with a purchase!

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