Maxim vertelt over zijn stage bij ASW

Maxim tells about his internship at ASW

An internship at AthleteSportsWorld, that is fun and educational! Maxim is now our intern and he talks about his experiences and activities. Do you also want to come and do your internship with us? Then check at the bottom of the page how you can apply.

Maxim has been working at ASW for a few weeks as an intern. He is doing super well and he learns a lot. Are you also curious how he will experience his internship at ASW? Then read his experience below.

Who is our trainee Maxim?

My name is Maxim, born and raised in Amsterdam and I am the new intern AthleteSportsWorld. At the moment I am following the marketing and communication course at the ROC in Amstelveen. I am in my end year and then want to go straight to HBO and then start my own company. In addition, I must of course complete this graduation internship. 


Why did you choose ASW?

The reason for this is that I was looking for an internship that had connections with my personal interests† I am not a triat myselfLeet, but I like to swimming, bicycles and to run† When I go on vacation, I usually want to relax, but in the end I am still enjoying exercising. In addition, I try to the Spor daily (except for the weekend)to go to school. I not only do this to become physically stronger, but also mentally. I've been training for half a year now and I have already noticed progression. I also like it AthleteSportsWorld Recycled boxes used. This reduces Environmental pollution And save your money on boxes. 

What kind of internship were you looking for?

When looking for my internship I was looking for a company with people within the company who have the same interests as me. So this was mainly the direction in sporting life. Eventually I ended up on a websites that offered multiple vacancies. IK noticed the company ASW, immediately and the motto within the company was: sport before, during or after working. This appealed to me a lot and I immediately sent an email. I got an email for a short time Back that I was allowed to come for a conversation. After a good conversation of approximately 15 minutes, Peter reported that I would be called whether I was hired or not. One week later I was in Center Parcs And I was enjoying the outside air. Suddenly I was called with good news. I was hired at AthleteSportsWorld as marketing- and communicatiemployer! 

What did you want to know before you at ASW was hired? 

I was especially curious what kind of assignments I should perform. I had no idea because I stepped into a whole new world.   

How does your internship work at ASW? 

Yourself had I neverExtracts for an e-commerce companyso I was very curious what was expected of me. My first day went very smoothly, but I had to get used to the times, since the Christmas holiday was just over. I started the day at the office at 9:55 AM. At that time we have a day start† Hereby Everyone discusses what he or she did the previous day and what he or she will do that day. Here you get an insight that your colleagues are withBeing zig and makes sure that you don't get in each other's way.  
After the day start I was immediately explained how to pack packages. Bee AthleteSportsWorld This is all done manually. After taking all the corresponding products, I was able to print the packing vouchers and place the products in the boxes. Close and send it!  
After all I had to pack packages around half past three. With the green cargo bike I drove to it Package point to deliver all packages there. After a good chat with my colleagues it was already five o'clock and I was ready for levermigration.  
In the course of My internship time I started learning from Google Marketing. This trembles everything about searching products. I started with Google TaxonOmie, where I had to number every product. By carrying out this process completely, WIJ for example when someone is looking for something about triathlon socks, that our page will come as high as possible. This will take a while before it works really flawlessly, but in my opinion we are good away.

Do an internship at ASW also?

Nice! Let us know if you want to do an internship. We are happy to show you our company and our experienced colleagues can teach you a lot. Check our page with vacancies, it says all the information you need. Don't forget to apply quickly!

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