You want to buy your first wetsuit? Or are you already an experienced swimmer and want to invest in a really good wetsuit?

In all cases, choosing the right size wetsuit is very important. Therefore, at ASW we say that a wetsuit only swims well with these three principles:
  1. The wetsuit is of good quality and made for swimming
  2. The wetsuit is the right size
  3. The wetsuit fits well

So these three principles are very important. Why? Only when all the conditions are met will your new wetsuit swim nicely and enhance your performance. 

How do I choose a good quality wetsuit?

At ASW, that's easy! Because when you buy a new wetsuit from us, you will be provided with a good quality wetsuit in all price ranges. This is because we only sell wetsuits from reputable brands, whose price and quality we personally feel are good enough. 

Of course, one wetsuit has a (much) better quality than another. This then also has to do with the price. Simply put, you can say that a more expensive wetsuit has a better quality neoprene and a better fit. This ensures that a wetsuit fits better, tighter and yet finer, which benefits your swimming performance and swimming comfort. 

But beware! An expensive(er) wetsuit is not always the best choice for every swimmer. At ASW, we therefore look at whether the features of a wetsuit suit you. Not only in terms of budget, but also your level of performance. 

How to choose the right size of a new wetsuit?

Basically, at ASW we look at your height, weight and build. Based on that, we use our experience to choose for you the best brand, the best model and finally the best size. 

Then we try on the wetsuit. We will help you with tips & tricks on how to put on the wetsuit, so we can make sure you put it on correctly. Do you have the wetsuit on correctly? Then together we look at how the wetsuit fits you. 

When you have a new wetsuit on, we give you an honest advice. Is the size still not quite right? Or don't you find the wetsuit comfortable? Then we just try on another brand, another model or another size. Just until you are satisfied. 

How to put on a wetsuit properly?

You have to put on a wetsuit properly, because then it swims really well, it is warm and you get the most benefit from its buoyancy. In short, if you put it on properly, your wetsuit will swim nice and fast!

Moreover, when putting on your wetsuit, you have to be careful not to damage it. For example, you can make damages with your nails or fingertips. Damage can also occur with hard pulling or overstretching the wetsuit.

So you want to make sure you put it on properly. That is why in our store in Amsterdam you will always be helped by one of our wetsuit experts. We are fanatic triathletes and experienced swimmers ourselves, so you can be sure to be helped by an experience expert. With our tips & tricks you are sure to put on your wetsuit correctly. 

AthleteSportsWorld Wetsuit Perfect Fit Guarantee

If you buy a wetsuit in our store in Amsterdam with theAthleteSportsWorld Wetsuit Perfect Fit Guarantee, you are guaranteed to buy the right size. 

Our experts will help you choose the right brand, model and size for your new wetsuit. However, only after your first training sessions or races you will really know if your wetsuit is the right size. 

This has to do with the fact that conditions in open water cannot be mimicked in a store. Not even in a swimstream indoor pool, a countercurrent pool or a pool with cameras. After all, you want to be sure that your wetsuit fits properly in your training sessions and races. 

TheAthleteSportsWorld Wetsuit Perfect Fit Guarantee:

  • When you stop by our store, you will always be helped by an ASW wetsuit expert.
  • On selected wetsuits, you get a 30-day warranty certificate upon purchase.
  • If your wetsuit is uncomfortable or does not swim well, we will invite you for a new evaluation in our store.
  • Is the size still not right? Then we will exchange your wetsuit for an entirely new wetsuit of the same brand and model in the correct size.

Stop by our store!

In our endurance sports store in Amsterdam we stock many wetsuits for open water swimming and triathlon. We sell wetsuits from good brands such asHUUB, Zone3, Sailfish, Deboer and Orca. Our wetsuit experts are waiting for you, no need to make an appointment. Just keep in mind that trying on wetsuits can take from half an hour to an hour, because we like to take our time for good advice. See you soon!