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Xendurance (180 caps)

Xendurance (180 caps)
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Xendurance provides a buffering effect against lactic acid and muscle complaints. Improve your endurance and recovery now! Works already after 3 days! Read more..

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Xendurance consists of natural ingredients that together with anti-inflammatory extracts form a buffer against lactic acid.

This innovative combination of ingredients supports the muscles well and is a natural supplement to your sports nutrition. By taking Xendurance you increase the aerobic threshold and reduce the formation of lactic acid.

Advantages of Xendurance:

  • Support the sporting top form
  • Compensation of the acidity reduced by training
  • Shortening the recovery time
  • Improvement of endurance
  • Reduction of sensitive muscles after exercise
  • 15% reduction in lactic acid content
  • 41% Increase in aerobic performance

What makes Xendurance unique?

As an athlete, you are probably aware that an intense physical training activity causes an increase in lactic acid in the muscles. The acid content increases both in the muscles and in the blood, which is reflected in a low pH value.

This low pH value, which causes an increased glycogen consumption in muscle mass during an increased energy requirement, is accompanied by an increase in lactic acid content. The lactic acid splits into lactate anions and H + (acid-forming hydrogen ions), which ultimately determines the acid composition. An intracellular acidification, a natural reaction during intensive exercise, then occurs when the muscles are saturated with acid. The acidification of the muscles is accompanied by stiff and stiff muscles that can occur during and after training. The muscles become tired and one can no longer perform optimally.

The product Xendurance with its 7 active ingredients not only provides a buffer against the H + produced, but also prevents further acidification of the muscle cells, so that the training can be performed more efficiently and over a longer period of time. An athlete who trains intensively often also develops other biochemical changes, such as oxidative stress, and weakening of the immune system.

Xendurance is doping-free certified. All components meet the proposed values ​​of WADA, IOC, NCAA, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB and are therefore free of doping related substances.

Ingredients: Magnesium (251.8mg), Calcium (907mg), Selenium (70ug), Chromium (12ug)

In addition, you will also find the following substances:

  • Papain, an enzyme, which occurs in the papaya and is good for sensitive muscles.
  • Catechin from green tea, a strong antioxidant, which reduces oxidative stress that occurs during intensive exercise.
  • Electrolytes, these complete the innovative product composition. They help the athlete to quickly repair the imbalance caused by the very high effort and maintain the higher performance.
Xendurance (180 caps)

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Indien op voorraad: Voor 17u besteld zelfde werkdag verstuurd
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