Tunap Sport Tunap Multiuse Oil (125ml)
Tunap Multiuse Oil (125ml)
TUNAP SPORTS Multi Oil is a cleaner, corrosion protection, rust remover, lubricant and contact spray all in one. The Multi Oil does not attack paint, seals, plastics or rubber.
€9,95 €7,52
Tunap Sport Tunap Drive Cleaner (300ml)
Tunap Drive Cleaner (300ml)
Clean the chain and, despite this, have clean hands äóñ the brush does the work! Lubricating anew again and again over the old protective film; the chain and the cassette can wear much quicker.
€12,95 €9,80
Tunap Sport Tunap Intensive Bike Cleaner (1000ml)
Tunap Intensive Bike Cleaner (1000ml)
Dirt and bad weather afflict the service life and function of the cycle; efficient cleaning is undertaken by the TUNAP SPORTS Intensive Bicycle Cleaner. Dust, oil films or baked on sludge are no longer a problem.
€14,95 €11,31
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