On this page you can find all information regarding our wetsuit test moments. At the wetsuit testmoments we will bring the wetsuits of the following brands: Zone3, Mako and Dare2Tri. Sometimes we will also be able to bring the Zoot wetsuits  

In 2018 we will organise the following wetsuit testmoments:


  • HPC Heemstede -> January 13th from 12pm until 1 pm- 13:00u, Location: Sportplaza Groenendaal, Heemstede -> ONLY MEMBERS: HPC HEEMSTEDE
  • Triathlonvereniging TVS'90 -> Februari 14th from 9pm until 11pm , Loc. Zwembad Hoogvliet, Middenbaan Zuid 400, Hoogvliet *
  • Triathlon Vereniging De Dolfijn -> Februari 18th from 12:30pm until 6:30pm, Loc Sloterparkbad, Amsterdam.*
  • VZC Veenendaal -> Februari 23th from 8pm until 9pm, Loc. Zwembad De Vallei, Veenendaal *
  • Triathlonvereniging Hof van Twente -> March 16th from 8:30pm until 9:30pm, Loc Sportfondsenbad De Vijf Heuvels, Markelo *
  • Triathlonvereniging Maresia -> nnb from 8:30pm until 9:30pm, Loc Zwembad Olympia, Waalwijk-> ONLY MEMBERS: TV MARESIA and participants Start2Tri *
  • Triathlonvereniging TV Arnhem -> 9 maart van 21:30u - 22:30u, Loc: Zwembad Valkenhuizen, Arnhem *


  • Mondaymorning March 12th from 7:15am until 8:15am; Loc. Sportfondsenbad Oost, Amsterdam. Entrance open at 7am. * (MAKO not present)
  • Thursdaymorning April 5th from 7pm - 8pm; Loc. Zuiderbad, Amsterdam. Entrance open at 6:45pm. *
  • [DATE NOT KNOWN YET] May 2018 from XX:00 until XX:00u; Loc. Flevoparkbad, Amsterdam. Entrance open at XX.


  • Team Triathlon Arnhem -> Saturday April 22nd from 9:30am until 3pm; Loc. Zwembad Klarenbeek, Arnhem
  • Triathlon Hof van Twente -> Sundaymorning May 27th from 9am - 3pm,  Loc. Zwembad De 5 Heuvels. Jou can find us at our tent in front of the pool.(MAKO not present)
  • 010 Swim Experience -> Woensdagavond 7 juni 2017 van 19:00 - 20:30 ; Loc.. Zevenhuizerplas bij Nesselande Beach

* Are you interested to try a wetsuit at one of our testing moments? Please send us an email at info@athletesportsworld.com  and please mention day you would like to come. This will help us to grant you entrance at the pool.  

If you are not able to join us at a wetsuit testing moment? Visit us at our showroom in Amsterdam