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Zone3 Transition backpack with helmet compartment

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Zone3 Transition backpack with helmet compartment

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The Zone3 Transition Backpack is perfect for training and racing days on which you want to bring a lot of sports items. The bag has different compartments for all kinds of different items of clothing. In addition, the helmet trade is designed so that it protects your helmet extra well.

  • Waterproof soil compartment

With a completely waterproof & flexible inner lining and a sustainable outer fabric, the storage space for the Wetsuit is the ideal place to store your Zone3 Wetsuit when traveling to and from events and training sessions. Made with some of the most advanced waterproof fabrics all around, the inner lining not only ensures that the rest of the bag stays dry, but also that the bag can be folded flat when it is not used to further expand the main compartment. The outside of the compartment is equipped with a sturdy and durable material that is resistant to daily wear and against all weather conditions.

  • Large main compartment

The workhorse of the bag is the central main compartment for storing your tri and casual clothing, shoes and everything you can imagine. The internal bags on the back of the opening offer handy storage options for glasses and keys, as well as a removable waterproof bag, so that you can store the documents for your competition day or food extra wet and dry.

For the large days outside the swimming pool, the central compartment is also designed so that it can be stored in the wet suit if it is empty.

  • EVA foam rubber quilted upper compartment

The quilted upper compartment keeps your running shoes and helmet safe, as well as away from your clean and wet kit, which means that you no longer have to transfer mud from your shoes or that no keys can stick to your helmet anymore. There is also a built -in telephone bag with earphone output for easy access to your music on the road.

  • External functions:

There are two large mesh courses for drinking bottles, so you have easy access and leaking bottles are no longer needed.

Great functions can be undone if a backpack is not comfortable to use, to tackle that we have recorded padded and breathable belts, and a back panel, as well as a breast belt for extra comfort on the road.

Here is a summary of the most important characteristics:

Soil compartment:

  • Exterior: 100% waterproof and durable outdoor material
  • Inside: expandable 100% PU coated waterproof feeding material with thermo-bound seams.
  • Suitable for a wetsuit, tri-suit and other small objects.

Middle compartment:

  • Inside: mesh bag with zipper for glasses and accessories
  • Inside: 100% waterproof removable PVC portfolios for small valuable objects.
  • Inside: back of the valve has a mesh bag for the numbers and information.
  • Outside: two large, soft mesh bags, perfect for drink bottles.
  • Suitable for shoes, clothing, towels, accessories, drinks.

Top compartment:

  • Inside: soft and flexible mesh lining
  • Inside: Back of the valve has a mesh bag for racing feed.
  • Outside: preformed EVA top for protection.
  • Exterior: reflective piping around the top for better visibility in low light.
  • Exterior: a fleeced music device bag with earphone output
  • Outside: upper valve bag for objects that must be regularly entered, passports, etc.
  • Suitable for helmet, running shoes or other accessories.

Other characteristics:

  • Fed back panel with 3 cm thick foam with breathable mesh material for comfort and cooling.
  • Lacered shoulder straps
  • Breasts for a tighter fit when they are needed on the way
  • Option to attach the helmet to the plastic D-rings of the shoulder straps during transport.
  • Sustainable carrying handle.
  • Strong zipper closures with zone3 brand Silicone zipper closures.
  • Zone3 reflective logos
  • Height 53 cm, width 22 cm and length 34.5 cm.
  • The bag has a total capacity of 40 liters.

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