Zone3 Aquaflo Plus Trisuit Dames
Zone3 Aquaflo Plus Trisuit Dames
Zone3 Aquaflo Plus Trisuit Dames
Zone3 Aquaflo Plus Trisuit Dames
Zone3 Aquaflo Plus Trisuit Dames
Zone3 Aquaflo Plus Trisuit Dames


Zone3 AquaFlo Plus Trisuit Women

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Zone3 AquaFlo Plus Trisuit Women


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The range comprises our highly rated water-repellent aquaflo fabric, combined with an ultra-soft and flexible mesh fabric for improved ventilation and styling. There is an abundance of new functions to further improve comfort and functionality and we hope that this range will be a benchmark in the industry for the performance and quality that can be achieved, while a price for access / mid-range is maintained .  

This suit is exclusively designed for women based on feedback from some of the most experienced triathletes in the United Kingdom. The feedback underlined that female triathletes are not only looking for a well -functioning suit, but also for comfort and support. The suit is designed with these functions in mind, while it also has a contemporary and stylish appearance.

Characteristics :

  • Aquaflo is a fast and comfortable fabric. It is designed to offer you a low resistance thanks to the water -repellent Teflon Coating. You will notice that when the tissue has splashed water on it, it will roughen and flow straight out of the suit, this effect will be maximized while swimming. This hydrodynamic effect is maximized during swimming and helps to achieve faster times. It also means that less water is absorbed, so that the suit dries lighter and faster once on the bike. It is made from Xtra-Life Lycra® that ensures good shape retention and comfort throughout the race. The main part of this range is made of a black or navy color to guarantee modesty and superior coverage.  
  • Balanced compression Is supplied by the legs thanks to a carefully designed shape and the high Denier classification of the aquaflo fabric. This improves muscle support and helps to keep blood flow out of the legs, thereby building up the amount of lactic acid and your endurance and endurance are improved.  
  • Revolution-X Is the newest generation of technical substance made in Italy and is used on the rear panels. It is very light, offers 360 O Stretch and is extremely breathable.  
  • Airflo is designed for optimum temperature control by easily allowing moisture to evaporate from the skin and keep the body cool or warm, depending on the conditions. The soft-touch feels extremely comfortable against the skin and the eye pattern also helps to let the fabric dry very quickly after swimming.  
  • Indoor bust - Designed to provide extra support, especially during the run phase. The bra also has a zipper on the front, making it much easier to put on the suit and you can also use the zipper of the main suit on the front without exposing too much chest.  
  • Tri-lite path: Measure a feminine specific triathlon path. The path is small and neatly positioned and has different thicknesses to guarantee comfort and minimize saddle pain. It is designed to minimize water absorption and to offer protection during the bicycle phase, without hindering your swimming or running. Also new fine line ricks to further reduce irritation.  
  • First-class Italian L- gripping - New, wider grabs ensure an even pressure distribution and extra comfort for the grippers in silicone style. These are sewn at the bottom of the leg material instead of on the inside to create a more comfortable fit and work fantastic while cycling and running.  
  • Storage bags With an elastic band that offer easy access to food, spare parts or valuables.  
  • Elastic technology and binding ensure A good fit without any discomfort around the arms and the neck line. Also new seam construction to prevent barns under the arm.  
  • Stylish flat-locked stitching - Designed for maximum strength and minimal discomfort for the skin.  
  • Zipper for semi-automatic locking For extra ventilation during the cycle or run.  
  • TOTAL ZIP protection: Soft fabrics are used to cover the inside of the zipper and this is combined with a 'fold-over' cover to minimize discomfort from the zipper on the chest.

This is a fantastic looking suit with superior aerodynamic performance, breathable capacity and balanced compression. It has been tested and tested for years and is available at a great price.  

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