Wahoo KICKR SNAP Indoor fietstrainer
Wahoo KICKR SNAP Indoor fietstrainer
Wahoo KICKR SNAP Indoor fietstrainer
Wahoo KICKR SNAP Indoor fietstrainer
Wahoo KICKR SNAP Indoor fietstrainer

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Wahoo Kickr Snap Indoor Bicycle Trainer

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Wahoo Kickr Snap Indoor Bicycle Trainer

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The renewed Wahoo Kickr Snap is the Trainer van Wahoo where the rear wheel stays in your bike. You will clamp the bike at the rear fork and quick -tensioners in the Trainer† This allows you to put every racing bike or mountain bike in the snap at lightning speed and start training in a targeted manner.

New to the previous Kickr Snap:

  • Up to 3% accurate power measurement (was 5%)
  • LED lights to see which connections are active
  • Support 3rd Party Power meters

You can easily control the Kickr Snap with your smartphone or tablet and the associated Wahoo App. You simply set the resistance and always have a direct view of the wattage that you kick. The resistance will be adjusted within only two seconds. That makes the Kickr Snap ideal for Zwift and Intervaltrainingen. You have a direct view of your training data and you can analyze everything well afterwards. Wahoo also supports many other sports apps. With the Kickr Snap you can also use Zwift software and thus train and race against others.

Just like the regular Kickr Snap, the Kickr Snap uses a large flywheel, this has the advantage that the feeling of "cycling on the road" is very well simulated. In addition, the flywheel ensures that the Trainer can deliver a lot of resistance, up to 1100 watts. This makes the Snap a professional bicycle trainer.

The Wheel-On Design makes it easy to turn your road bike, mountain bike or time trial bike into a smart indoor bike trainer.

Just like the original Kickr, you use a smartphone, tablet or computer to set the resistance. The SNAP provides reliable power measurement up to 1500 Watts so that you can monitor and adjust intensity.

The Snap is made of high -quality carbon steel and is wide on his feet to be able to give everything with your indoor training sessions.

The Snap simulates with a great bicycle feeling up to 12% ascent percentage.

LED indication
Visual confirmation that the Snap has electricity is connected and sends data.

iOS version 8 or higher
iPhone 4S, iPad 3rd Gen, iPod touch 5th gene, or newer
Android 4.3 or higher and with Bluetooth Low Energy
Mac and Windows need Ant+ USB Dongle or Bluetooth Low Energy

In the box:

  • Wahoo Kickr Snap
  • Rapid
  • Front wheel support


  • Virtual bicycle trainer
  • Easy in use
  • Compatible with a lot of sports apps: Wahoo Fitness, Wahoo segments, Trainer Road, Virtual Training, Perfpro Studio, Veloreality, Kinomap Trainer, Peripedal, Velotrainer
  • Maximum resistance: 1100 Watt (at 36 km/h)
  • Fly wheel Weight: 4.7 kilos
  • Maximum rise: 12.0 degrees
  • Ant+: Yes
  • Bluetooth 4.0: Yes
  • Compatible with: iOS / Android / PC
  • Resistance: Electromagnetic
  • Wireless software updates possible
  • Measurements: speed, distance, strength
  • Wheel -sized: from 24 to 29 inches
  • Hub width: 130 and 135mm (for Moutainbike there is a 142x12 adapter)
  • Total weight: 27.2 kilos
  • Surface when folded out: 74 x 66cm
  • Suitable for wheel -up format: 650C, 700C, 26 ”, 27.5”, 29 ”
  • Hub Types: 130mm and 135mm Quick Release
  • 12 x 142 Thru Axle with separate adapter
  • Including front wheel increase
  • Resistance: Electromagnetic
  • Accuracy: +/- 3% to 1500W
  • About the air updates
  • 3rd party power meter support
  • Measured values: speed / distance / power
  • Warranty: 2 years

The Wahoo Kickr Power Trainer Is compatible with more than 25 training programs. This allows you as a user to choose a program that fits well with your wishes. Suitable programs include Swift, Trainerroad, kinomap, virtual training, skuga, cadence vr, veloreality and much more. The large choice of apps and software in combination with the Bluetooth and ANT+ connection ensures that you can get started with various devices, such as your Windows computer, Mac, iPhone, iPad, tablet or Android Phone.


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