ROKA Dames SIM Pro II Neopreen Zwemshort
ROKA Dames SIM Pro II Neopreen Zwemshort
ROKA Dames SIM Pro II Neopreen Zwemshort


ROKA Women Sim Pro II Neoprene Swim shorts

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ROKA Women Sim Pro II Neoprene Swim shorts

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Train like your race with the ROKA SIM Pro II

The SIM is the first practical triathlon and swimming training tool to mimic the body posture and the experience of a wetsuit in the swimsuit by lifting you - without overheating a wetsuit in a swimming pool of 26 ° C. It is better than a pullbouy, because you can pedal and turn naturally. It also gives a touch of warmth for those cold morning training. The SIM turns every swim into a competition -specific training. Once you have tried this neoprene swimsuit, you never want anything else.

Please note, these shorts are designed for the swimming pool and must have excellent durability if you rinse them after use with fresh water and thoroughly dry them.

Fit-tip: SIM shorts are neoprene and loosen slightly in the water. However, they have a drawstring for adjustment.

Updated construction
Yamamoto SCS Coated Stretch Knit - easier to fit, close -fitting - the water seals better


Get the fastest body position
The Sim Pro lifts your hips, just like a wetsuit, so that you are at the fastest possible position and your body helps to develop the muscle memory you need on the competition day. Most top wetsuits manufacturers only focus on buoyancy. Of course, wetsuits help you get up, but that is not enough - and in some cases it can really be an obstacle to swimming quickly. To get the fastest posture, you must remove the buoyancy, the mass and the resistance from places where you don't want it. With the SIM Pro we add buoyancy to the hips and legs, making the fastest position possible. We also use Yamamotas SCS coating to further reduce shape resistance. We are convinced that you ROKA-difference feel as soon as you jump into the water.

ROKA Swim Short Pro2

Improve your technology
If you want to swim faster with less effort, rotation is important. A quick freestyle requires effective rotation along your center line to generate strength and speed in the most propellent phase of your stroke. The Maverick Pro uses basic laws of physics. We call our application of those laws "RS2" - the ROKA Speed ​​stripes. It is science and it will make you faster.

The majority of wetsuits on the market get this problem completely wrong. We have done many tests and tests to get this well. Many suits, even the most expensive, add buoyance to the lateral or external parts of a wetsuit, but with the help of the basic physics it is easy to see that this is the equivalent of adding weights to your cycling shoes and pedals! It inhibits the power phase of your blow, makes it really difficult for you to turn well, and ensures that you use more energy. Our patented wets design improves the power phase of your battle and stimulates a fast, easy rotation along your center line. And if you rotate too much if you swim, you will be able to feel this more easily in our wetsuit. All this translates into faster swimming with less effort.

ROKA Swim Short Pro2 Graphics


For the Sim Pro II we use exactly the same materials as its big brother, the Maverick Pro Wetsuit. This gives exactly the feeling that you will have on the racing day. †Training Like You Race"Starting with the development of accurate muscle and neurological adjustments - you can do that with the SIM Pro II.

The SIM Pro II is 100% Premium Yamamoto-Noprene from Japan. We use Yamamoto # 39 SCS coated neoprene in different thicknesses and use Yamamotos Aerodome Neoprene on the middle line (front and rear). #39 has been a favorite in Premium Triathlon suits for a long time and offers an excellent balance between performance and costs. For the waistband we use an advanced textile from Yamamoto to offer a better seal when the penetration of water and can offer folded neoprene. SCS is the patented hydrophobic surface coating of Yamamoto. For the center line panel, Yamamoto Aerodome is a sandwich neoprene that contains a perforated layer between two fixed layers. This composition holds air in small rooms and improves the buoyancy and reduces weight.

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