Pure Power Energiereep (60gr)
Pure Power Energiereep (60gr)
Pure Power Energiereep (60gr)
Pure Power Energiereep (60gr)
Pure Power Energiereep (60gr)

Pure Power

Pure Power Energy Bar (60gr)

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Taste:Caramel & Peanut
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Pure Power Energy Bar (60gr)

Caramel & Peanut

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The energy bars of Pure Power are a perfect source of energy for those engaged in endurance sports such as road cycling, running, gravel rides, trail running and mountain biking. Made from delicious oat flakes, this is one and only Pure Power.

The main ingredient is 45% oats, which provides a good carbohydrate base with both fiber and whole grains. Golden syrup consisting of simple carbohydrates provides the finishing touch.


  • Energy bar made from oat flakes
  • In flavors: Caramel/Peanut, Coconut and Original
  • A good source of energy with a fast and good effect
  • Mild taste
  • Does not fall apart, nor is it dry

The energy bars from Pure power not only taste great, they also provide you with a quick and efficient energy boost when you need it the most. You get a good dose of fiber in the form of oat flakes. This evenly replenishes your energy supply. In addition, the energy bar has a crispy bite and a delicious, long-lasting taste of caramel and peanuts. An extra reward during your effort.

Finally, the PurePower snack has a fine structure and does not crumble. This makes the energy bar also suitable to take during heavy exertion.

The Energy Snack can be used by anyone who trains seriously and is easy to eat. This bar is also an easy snack to take in your bag to the gym. In addition, the snack is also good to use in other situations when you need quick energy.

You can also choose to take a PurePower energy snack one hour before your workout as an extra energy supply.

One hour before training or during longer workouts/competitions.

Ingredients Caramel & Peanut:
Oats 30%, caramel glaze 18% (sugar, palm and canola oil, glucose, syrup, water, skimmed milk powder, coloring: E150c, emulsifiers: E492; E471, salt, flavoring, preservative: E202), golden syrup, peanut butter 12% (roasted peanuts, vegetable margarine (palm and rapeseed oil, water, salt natural flavoring), demerara sugar, peanuts 3%. May contain traces of nuts, egg and soy.

Nutritional information per 100 g

per 60 g

Energy 1903 kJ/454 Kcal

1142 kJ/272 Kcal

Fat 22 g

13 g

- Of which saturated fats :

6,8 g

4 g


54 g

32 g

- of which sugars:


21 g

Dietary fiber 4,1 2,5


8,3 g

5,1 g


0,28 g 0,17

Ingredients Oats:
Oats (45%), golden syrup (27.5%), veg. oil (palm and canola oil), sugar, butter (milk), salt.

Nutritional value:

per 100 g

per 60 g


1937 kJ/463 Kcal

1163 kJ/278 Kcal


23 g

14 g

- Of which saturated fats

8,8 g

5,3 g


56 g

34 g

- Of which sugars

31 g

19 g

Dietary fiber

4,3 g

2,6 g


5,5 g

3,3 g


0,07 g



Ingredients Coconut:
Oats 35%, golden syrup, cocoa glaze 18% (sugar, palm and canola oil, glucose syrup, water, low-fat cocoa powder, MILKpowder, humectant: E422, emulsifier: E492 & E471, salt, preservative: E202, flavoring), vegetable oil (palm and rapeseed oil), sugar, butter (MILK), coconut flour 2%, coconut flavoring.

May contain traces of nuts, peanuts, egg and soy.

Nutritional information pr. 100 g

pr. 60 g

Energy 1939 kJ/463 Kcal

1163 kJ/278 Kcal

Fat 22 g

13 g

- Of which saturated fats

9,6 g

5,8 g


58 g

35 g

- of which sugars

36 g

22 g

Dietary fiber 3,8 g 2,3 g


4,7 g

2,8 g


0,09 g 0,05 g

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