Garmin Zwemhorloge Swim 2
Garmin Zwemhorloge Swim 2
Garmin Zwemhorloge Swim 2
Garmin Zwemhorloge Swim 2
Garmin Zwemhorloge Swim 2
Garmin Zwemhorloge Swim 2
Garmin Zwemhorloge Swim 2
Garmin Zwemhorloge Swim 2


Garmin Swimming watch Swim 2

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Garmin Swimming watch Swim 2

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The Garmin Swim 2 swimming watch is the ultimate watch for swimmers. It keeps track of almost everything you could wish for as a fanatic swimmer. Hartslag via the wrist, interval times, rest times, swimming efficiency, distance, time, pace, slag type, and so much more. This watch is not only perfect for swimming indoors but also for outside water! Thanks to the accurate GPS, Galileo and Glonass position, you are also provided with all the information you need outside. This swimming watch also provides insight into time and distance when you do swimming specific exercises or go swimming with one arm. Determining the anaerobic threshold speed (how hard you can go to just not acidify) is also one of the measurements that this watches can perform. This is a great basis for base your swimming training sessions. Or a great fact to measure your progress. Do you acidify at a higher speed than before? Then you are better on condition. With the Garmin Connect App you can analyze all your performance and of course share.

Not just a swimming watch
In addition to a swimming watch, this is also a watch that you can use during running and bicycle training. And also as a 24/7 watch it is very suitable. The accurate Elevate heart rate technology measures your heart rate through the wrist 24/7. In addition, this watch provides insight into your sleep duration and quality and the amount of stress you experience during the day. Easily set your movement goals, keep steps and do accompanied breathing exercises with the Garmin Swim 2. This watch is also a real smartwatch. This way you get smartnotifications in almost all circumstances (yes, also under water) and you can operate your music with this watch.
In short, the Garmin Swim 2 is not only the ultimate swimming watch. Also when running, cycling and daily activities you will be assisted by the Garmin Swim 2!


Specifications Garmin Swim 2 Sports watch

  • The perfect swimming watch!
  • Accurate Elevate Hartslag technology measures your heart rate through the wrist 24/7
  • Also measures the heartbeat through the wrist underwater
  • Can also be used as a running and bicycle watch
  • Swimming pool mode: Register distance, tempo, number of strokes, stroke type and swimming efficiency (swolf)
  • Mode for swimming in open water
  • Keeps distance, pace, number of strokes, battle rate and your stroke efficiency in open water through GPS
  • Registers automatically resting time between exercises
  • Battery life:
    • Up to 7 days in smartwatch mode
    • 13 hours in GPS and optical heart rate mode
    • 72 hours in swimming pool and OHR mode
  • Slim and light design not to cause any extra resistance in the water
  • Proper display, even in sunlight
  • Provides insight into your anaerobic threshold speed
  • Also registers swimming specific exercises
  • Also offers smartnotifications in the water
  • Share your workout data
  • A real 24/7 watch by, among other things, stress tracking and advanced sleep surveillance
  • Also offers functions such as guided breathing exercises and following your running and bicycle workouts
  • Including free online analysis, creating adapted workouts, saving and sharing on Garmin Connect ™ online community

Technical specifications

Lens: Chemically hardened glass
Material straps Silicone
Weight: 36 grams
Screen type: Readable in sunlight, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP)
Screen size, BXH 26.3 mm (1.04 inch) Diameter
Screen resolution, BXH 208 x 208 pixels
GPS, Galileo and Glonass Yes
Garmin Elevate wristlagometer Yes
Barometric altimeter no
Compass Yes
Gyroscope no
Gear meter: Yes
Thermometer no
Connectivity: Bluetooth® Smart, ANT+®
Navigation functions: From point-to-point, back to start  
Manufacture Yes
Smart Notifications Yes
Compatibility with smartphone iPhone®, Android, Windows®
VO2 Max. no
Heart rate values: HS-Zones, HS warnings, HS calories,% HS-Max, Recovery time, Auto Max. HS


This package contains:

  • Garmin Swim 2
  • Charging cable
  • Instruction manual




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