Bryton Rider S800 E / Basis Fietscomputer
Bryton Rider S800 E / Basis Fietscomputer
Bryton Rider S800 E / Basis Fietscomputer
Bryton Rider S800 E / Basis Fietscomputer
Bryton Rider S800 E / Basis Fietscomputer
Bryton Rider S800 E / Basis Fietscomputer
Bryton Rider S800 E / Basis Fietscomputer
Bryton Rider S800 E / Basis Fietscomputer
Bryton Rider S800 E / Basis Fietscomputer


Bryton Rider S800 E / Basic Bike Computer

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Bryton Rider S800 E / Basic Bike Computer

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With this flagship model on board, Bryton introduces a host of new premium features and third-party support to fully expand the capabilities of this high-end model. In addition to Group Chat and Group Ride features, the Rider S800 leads the way with a carefully selected high-contrast display tailored for the outdoors and advanced navigation and training capabilities, as well as compatibility with smart indoor trainers, rear-view bike radar and Bike Dynamics and more! Wherever and whatever you ride, the Rider S800 has something for everyone.

Extra large, sharp MIP display

Designed with the 3.4-inch large screen, the Rider S800 uses MIP (Memory In Pixel) technology combined with an internal reflection layer to be optimized for a better outdoor viewing experience without screen shadow. The extra-wide MIP display with ultra narrow bezel provides both sharp, high-contrast readability and a high screen ratio, making this GPS bike computer Bryton's premium device with clarity without compromise! 

Battery life of 36 hours

Utilizing the MIP display and improvements to increase efficiency, the Rider S800's low power consumption combined with its large battery helps increase overall efficiency, extending total battery life to a whopping 36 hours. Without viewing map pages, the Rider S800 can extend battery life to over 40 hours of continuous use. The Rider S800 has the power and endurance to meet any challenge, and with support for mobile charging on the go, you can charge up to enjoy every trip, wherever you want to ride!

Voice Control

The Bryton Rider S800 speaks your language! Thanks to its connection to the Internet, the Rider S800 eliminates the need for on-screen keyboards by offering Google voice search available in over 100 languages, providing a faster, more intuitive and better way to search for addresses or POIs while riding on the road, on adventure on the trail or wherever you are!

Advanced routing features:The Rider S800 features full-featured navigation features, with turn-by-turn and route guidance functions, all on pre-installed regional OSM maps. In addition to navigation, the Rider S800 supports advanced features to help you stay on track and get the most out of your rides, such as automatic rerouting, on-screen POIs, saved rides in reverse order and route replay, and with the Bryton Active app you can plan your own routes or sync third-party routes, add custom POI/peak information to rides and more!

Climb Challenge:Climb to new heights with the Climb Challenge feature. When approaching a climb, the Rider S800 will switch to the Climb Section page, which lists the climbing segments of a route. The Climb Challenge screen also includes a graphical overview with multiple climbs, climb segments in vivid colors, distance, elevation and ascent, and start and end points, providing easy access to and ride information at a glance.

Explore route:Leave no stone unturned with the Rider S800's new Explore feature, which lets you experience and explore the world on two wheels like never before. Simply select how far you want to ride and let the Rider S800 be your guide! The Rider S800 generates up to three unique routes from your current location, helping you explore the unknown and bringing you back home.

Live track:Share your real-time location with friends and family using the new Bryton Live Track feature. Easily generate a share link directly from your phone and share at the touch of a button with any messaging app. Users can also choose to automatically send invitations via email to desired contacts for added convenience. With the Live Track link, anyone can follow the web and view not only your real-time location, but also your current speed, driving time, travel time and distance.

Group Chat & Ride:The Rider S800 is even more fun with friends! Using the Bryton Active app, select your track, invite your friends to a group and view live updates for group members on your route directly from your device. Keep in touch, encourage your friends or send status updates to others by using voice input to create customizable messages directly from the Rider S800. Plus, setting up a group ride with the Bryton Active app is as easy as pressing a button.

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