Bliz Matrix Nordic Light Fietsbril
Bliz Matrix Nordic Light Fietsbril
Bliz Matrix Nordic Light Fietsbril
Bliz Matrix Nordic Light Fietsbril


Bliz Matrix Nordic Light bicycle glasses

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Color:Matte Neon Pink / Violet w blue multi
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Bliz Matrix Nordic Light bicycle glasses

Matte Neon Pink / Violet w blue multi

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Matrix sports glasses with a cylindrical wide field of vision, you can experience a new dimension of the area. A lens technology that considerably increases the vertical vision in the competition position. These are the ultimate functions in sports performance.

The adjustable rubber nose piece and the ends of the legs in the wire core provide comfort throughout the day, while the top lens air blades increase the ventilation and reduce the moisture content of the lens. Tested and celebrated by various famous athletes around the world. Matrix provides comments and comments where and whenever you want, thanks to the striking design and the fantastic field of vision.

Technical features:

  • Nordic Light Lens: Nordic Light is a unique lens, developed and designed for the flat light conditions.
  • Hydro Lens System ™: Bliz Hydro Lens Technology ™ a lens that delivers perfect curve, MAX UV protection, X-PC SHATTER proof, hydrophobic, anti scratch and, if desired, multicoating or polarized in one large lens.
  • 100% UV protection: Bliz Active Eyewear protects your eyes efficiently against harmful UVA and UVB rays.
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate lenses: The lenses are made of unbreakable polycarbonate, which is more shock -resistant than plastic or glass lenses and offers the highest level of protection.
  • Grilamid TR90: This very flexible high -tech material offers a very low weight and excellent performance in all weather conditions.
  • Adjustable nose pillow: The nose pillow is adjustable for a more comfortable and optimum fit around the nose.
  • Rubber wire core: With the temples in the rubber wire core you can adjust the glasses for a good fit around your head.
  • Weight: 34 g
  • All Bliz Active products are packed in boxes of recyclable material.

Nordic Light is a unique lens, developed and designed for the flat light. A light that can be hard for the eyes when it comes to contrast. The Nordic Light Lens mainly filters the blurry colors in between. The other color peaks offer greater permeability, giving you the best available color perception. By removing some aspects of the color spectrum, we considerably improve your vision and performance.


LENS Color Begonia - Violet Coral - Orange
Light Transmission 25-28% 49-51%
Category 2 1
Mirror Blue Multicoating Blue
Lens Hydrophobic, Oleophobic, and Anti-Fog Hydrophobic, Oleophobic, and Anti-Fog

Innovative all -round lens with game replacement
characteristics. The recipe shows the contrasts
And blocks the faded colors in between. The
Lens is a violet 2 lens. It cuts parts
Red light and significantly improves the visibility of flat light.
Moreover, it also blocks the destructive UV light.

The 2 makes this a great lens in each
Environment and every weather condition.
The sunshine is cut off by the multi-coated
Colour. Compared to the Coral Lens, this lens is
Works best in changing weather conditions.

Pioneering 1-lens that improves the quality of the lens.
Contrasts and blocks the destructive UV light.
These lenses cut out the blurry light
Between the clear colors. Leaving clearly
colors give your eyes more comfort and better
vision. The experience is that your visual
The perception is strengthened and you see contrasts
more clearly.

The soft and relaxing amber color gives you
eyes the relaxation and the contrast that are needed to
Stay focused all day, especially in bad times.
weather conditions.




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