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Co-Cycling - Bikeride for Stichting Steun Emma kinderziekenhuis



Co-Cycling Amsterdam was founded in 2014 as the initiative of 6 co-assistants and friends, who besides their passion for medicine are also fanatical cyclists. Since the beginning of the study they cycle with each other on a weekly basis, as a true cycling team. These co-assistants are now fully-fledged physicians and are slowly transferring the baton to new enthusiastic co-assistants. However, they remain more involved in the background with this great initiative that they have started.

In our daily activities they are confronted with the possibilities as co-assistants and doctors, but also with the limitations of medicine. Although the medical world can often offer a solution to seriously ill patients, there are also cases where medical intervention will be insufficient. By means of this event they want to mean something for those in whom medical treatment is no longer useful. That is why they use the following motto:

'Where the medical limits end, we cycle a bit further'.

Target 2018

This year the full amount of our tour will go to Stichting Steun Emma children's hospital. They will use this money for the realization of the new IC Neonatology of the merging hospitals VUMc and AMC.

What is the IC Neonatology?

Newborn children who are life-threateningly ill, end up in an Intensive Care (IC) Neonatology. More than in the past, there is now a strong wish of the parents to be close to their child during this difficult period, preferably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Parents get a more participatory role in the care of their child, which we call 'family integrated care'. For most parents, this means that they sometimes spend more than a hundred days in hospital.

During this period the IC Neonatology is their second home, where they have to build a bond with their child, take care of part of the care and often have to become healthy again. In the renewed IC Neonatology department, 'Family Integrated Care' will be central.

Emma wants to realize an IC Neonatology with 36 'Single Bed Units'. The starting point for single bed units is that the newborn and the parents are together as much as possible and are nursed in their own room. The most important advantages are better hygiene, more privacy for mother and child, better bonding between parents and child and creating a homely atmosphere during a months long stay at the IC Neonatology.

The ambition of the Co-cycling Tour is to raise € 40,000 to make a single bed unit possible.

Do you also want to commit yourself to these patients? Then join our Co-Cycling Tour Amsterdam

AthleteSportsWorld.com will provided all participants with the necessary sports drink and a bottle before and during this beautiful tour!

View the beautiful after movie of the Co-Cycling Tour 2017 below.