The first ASW X ZTIKZ Social Ride is a fact. On June 11 it will be off at 9 am AthleteSportsWorld started.

The route has 153 km with pieces through the polder, forest and of course the already known Amerongse Berg† The first stop in Amersfoort is 55 kilometers. The place to fill your water bottles for the next 100km.

Immediately after the stop you can pop in one of the steepest streets of Amersfoort. Do you set the fastest time of the day?

View this route on Strava: ZTIKZ-Asw Ride 2022.

There are some nice climbs in the route.

Participating is completely free. Make sure you have something for 9 am AthleteSportsWorld At Schollenbrugstraat 10 in Amsterdam. You also end the ride there again so you can also leave things behind when you get back.