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Hammer Anti-Fatigue Caps (90 Capsules)

Hammer Anti-Fatigue Caps (90 Capsules)
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Mainly developed for ammonia reduction during duration events. Excellent for helping to prevent daily fatigue, even symptoms of chronic fatigue. Read more..

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Although Anti-Fatigue Caps are mainly developed for reducing ammonia during duration events, the nutrients in the formula are excellent for helping to reduce daily fatigue, even symptoms of chronic fatigue.

Anti-Fatigue Caps, which have been extensively tested for several years during the most extreme endurance events, help to remove ammonia, which causes fatigue and lowers performance. During long-term endurance training, the body accumulates excess ammonia from protein metabolism, which disrupts glycogen production. This disturbs the energy production. Anti-Fatigue Caps are unique supplements that combine two known ammonia-cleansing nutrients. It would be better to clean up the waste materials from incineration than to have to pay for this. To stay strong during events that last several hours, Anti-Fatigue Caps are essential.

The Anti-Fatigue Caps formula:

Potassium / Magnesium Aspartate - A well-known nutritionist has made the most pronounced statement regarding aspartic acid: "Because aspartic acid increases endurance, it works well against fatigue and plays an essential role in metabolism. It is good for athletes and helps protect the liver by contributing to the removal of too high an ammonia concentration. " Research (Agersborg and Shaw 1962, Hicks 1964, Gaby 1982) shows that this combination offers a considerable advantage in preventing fatigue. Asparagic acid is also combined with other amino acids to form molecules that absorb toxins and remove them from the bloodstream, help with the functioning of RNA and DNA and protect the liver. In addition, the potassium / magnesium aspartate composition increases the production of an important substrate, oxalacetate, which plays a role in energy production.

OKG - Both ornithine and alpha-ketogluterate (OKG) provide a readily available source of glutamine to the body that does not produce ammonia. Glutamine is reduced at high speeds during training, but can not be replaced with regular glutamine, as it creates excess ammonia itself. OKG increases the amount of glutamine in the muscles and also helps to prevent muscle catabolism. Another well-known nutritionist writes: "Both ornithine and alpha-ketogluterate function in the body as an ammonia cleaner."

Powerful aspartate composition that provides significant amounts of potassium and magnesium. 10 mg per capsule of EES ™ (mix of protease and phytase enzymes) for better absorption and assimilation of the most important nutrients in Anti-Fatigue Caps. All capsules are vegetable (VCaps ™) capsules.

Hammer Anti-Fatigue Caps (90 Capsules)

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