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The founder of Dare2Tri and owner, Alex de Boer, is an extremely active athlete. He finished the Hawaii Ironman as well as two other Ironman races, followed by 16 triathlons around the world. Alex started his triathlon apparel and wetsuit business in 1995. Initially distributing Ironman wetsuits, in 2001 he transitioned into the Ironman Active wear licensee for the World Triathlon Corporation. With well over 22 years of quality and production management, Alex created the Dare2Tri brand, using his personal racing needs and acute knowledge of design to offer only the finest triathlete apparel. Welcome to Dare2Tri... Creating the perfect wetsuit has evolved after years of testing and altering. The smallest detail can have an enormous impact on the performance of the suit. With both professional and amateur athletes testing Dare2Tri wetsuits, we are confident you will find optimal performance in every product we produce...guaranteed. We offer factory direct production, eliminating retail prices. Buying from Dare2Tri assures you are purchasing the highest quality products at the best prices. Dare2Tri uses the best quality materials and latest technology to produce a comfortable, buoyant triathlon suit. The benefits include improved swim position, maximum body heat sustainability, and flexibility for peak performance.

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Dare2Tri Visor White Blue
Dare2Tri Visor Black Red
Dare2Tri Visor Pink Black
Dare2Tri Visor White Black
Dare2Tri Neoprene swim cap with strap
Dare2Tri Neoprene socks
Dare2Tri Transitionbag -23L
Dare2Tri Swimshort Unisex
Dare2Tri Trisuit - Frontzip
Dare2Tri Trisuit Men
Dare2Tri Long Swim Tight
Dare2Tri Transition Bag -33L
Dare2Tri Mach2 Shortie Women
Dare2Tri Mach2 Shortie Man
Dare2Tri Coldmax Trisuit Women
Dare2Tri Coldmax Trisuit Men
Dare2Tri Man Coldmax Short Sleeved Trisuit
Dare2Tri Mach2 Kids
Dare2Tri MACH2SCS Wetsuit Men
Dare2Tri MACH2SCS Wetsuit Men
Dare2Tri Mach3S.7 Wetsuit Men
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