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Zone3 Aspire wetsuit Men


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The best selling wetsuit of Zone3 since the famous 10/10 review in the magazine 220 Triathlon. Excellent wet suit for both beginners and advanced swimmers and triathletes. A while ago, the Zone3 Aspire received 95% of the BESY BUY award.

Year after year the Aspire wetsuit builds on its world-famous reputation. It continues to receive accolades from the Triathlon industry, with an impressive 10 out of 10 reviews in both Triathlete Europe and 220 Magazine in its early years and more recently a 95% rating and the prestigious BEST BUY award. The Aspire is constantly praised for its excellent fit, remarkable flexibility around the shoulders, carefully balanced buoyancy and quick removal.

Further research and development has been carried out over the past two years, which has resulted in an updated version of the Aspire that will be launched in 2019 . The core functions that have made the Aspire so popular are still integrated and new features have been added to further improve performance and comfort. Among which:

  1. Improved flexibility

A new integrated one-piece design from the shoulder and chest panel increases the total area of 1.5 mm Yamamoto SCS material. This increases the 360 o- stretch over the torso, results in a better fit around the shoulders and chest and also increases the flexibility and distance achieved with each stroke. That's why it helps to save energy, swim faster and improve endurance.

  1. Improved Comfor

A new laser cut collar is included in the new version that allows a soft-seal fit, without any uncomfortable feeling around the neck.

The Aspire is packed with other functions to enable the fastest and most energy-efficient swimming. The most important features are:

  1. Premium SCS # 39 Yamamoto fabrics designed to ensure superior overall body flexibility, comfort and performance. Zone3 is working on new developments with Yamamoto as a chosen supplier because the neoprene offers fantastic performance characteristics, such as:
  • Speed: The aqua-dynamic 'SCS' nanocoating on the neoprene ensures almost no resistance through the water. An air resistance coefficient of only 0.021 compared with 4.0 for normal neoprene wet suit. The SCS coating also prevents the suit from absorbing water, which prevents obesity in the wet suit.
  • Flexibility: an enormous stretch of 480-580% in stretch, compared to human skin (arm under the arm), which is only 60-70%. Superior flexibility and comfort with an extension of 7x conventional wet suit materials.
  • Buoyancy: derived from limestone instead of oil, which offers a 23% higher closed cell structure. This significantly increases the float levels for the swimmer.
  • Heat: High heat storage: Keep the body warmer in colder waters to reduce body fatigue and improve performance.
  • Eco: Neoprene is also derived from limestone as opposed to petroleum which is more environmentally friendly.
  1. Extensive research and development on the design of the panel and the thickness of the fabric ensure that this is one of the most natural wet suit suits for swimming.
  2. The Ladies Aspire has a lower buoyancy around the chest and core compared to the men's version. This further improves the comfort of the suit and makes it a perfect suit for the majority of women who are naturally thicker in the water than men.
  3. A 3 mm chest panel with higher elongation in combination with 1.5 mm side breast construction helps during swimming while swimming, holds the core of body heat and is designed for a wide range of different breast sizes.
  4. Pro Speed Cuffs TM on the arms and legs for quick removal after swimming to ensure the fastest transitions, saving you time on every course.
  5. High-quality interior coverings are used that further increase the comfort and flexibility of the suit.
  6. YKK zip down to easily turn the suit on and off.
  7. A combination of purple and rose gold details creates a flattering and stylish design.

The Aspire is the perfect suit for the novice athlete, all the way to the pro-athlete, and as such offers a fantastic swimming experience to all those who have chosen this suit since conception in 2008. As the reviews say, "Swimming in the Aspire is just as comfortable and energy-efficient as swimming in suits costs twice as much. "If in doubt, ask everyone who swam in the Aspire to explain why this suit stands out from the rest.

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