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Swim Wetsuit Ladies Rental


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De huur bedraagt minimaal €40 ( €20 euro voor een kinder wetsuit) voor 4 dagen, ook bij later ophalen of eerder retourneren.

Wetsuit huren boeken? Selecteer de dagen waarop jij het wetsuit wil huren.
Bij verzending voorafgaand verzonden, zodat je het op de eerste dag van de huurperiode ontvangt. Ophalen in de winkel kan op de eerste dag van de huurperiode.

Let op: kies je voor verzending? Dan zal het wetsuit de dag voor eerste huur dag verstuurd worden. Ophalen in de showroom is natuurlijk altijd mogelijk.

Do you soon start your first triathlon? Or do you participate in a swim in open water? If you don't have their own wetsuit (yet), then a wetsuit is renting athletesportsworld a possibility. On this page you can read everything about how renting a wetsuit is going to work. You can also reserve a wetsuit.

When do you need a wetsuit?

You wear a wetsuit for two reasons: water temperature and buoyancy. Swimming in open water can be cold. At a water temperature below 16 degrees, a wetsuit is often mandatory. At a water temperature above the 24.5 degrees, you cannot do any wetsuit. In general, wearing a wetsuit in the spring and autumn is advisable because you can cool down considerably during swimming. Moreover, a wetsuit you also offer the advantage that you remain easier. This way you swim your game faster than ever.

Good quality wetsuits

At ASW we only rent special swimming wetsuits of high quality and renowned brands such as Zone3. That ensures that you are well prepared for a triathlon or swim trip with a wetsuit of ASW.

Rent a swimming wetsuit for your race or tour at ASW

Do you have a triathlon, swimming competition or swim in your agenda? Do not wait too long with booking your wetsuit.

You order your wetsuit in this way:

  • Select the day on which you want to pick up your wetsuit or receive home
  • Select the day on which you return the wetsuit
  • Describe your weight, length, gender and event to which you participate in the text field
  • Add the wetsuit to your shopping cart
  • Follow the steps to place your order
  • You will receive an order confirmation by e-mail

Pick up, shipping and pick up at an event

You can pick up your rented wetsuit in our store in Amsterdam. We can also send the wetsuit to you, whereby the shipping costs come from and to ASW for your account.

Are you participating in a competition where ASW has a stand? Then you can pick up your wetsuit there on the day of the event. You will receive a confirmation that your wetsuit can be picked up at the event.

Cost of rental

Renting a wetsuit costs €10 per day with a minimum of 4 days rental. This rental period allows you to rent a weekend. 

The period begins the day you pick up your wetsuit and ends the day it is returned.

The use of the wetsuit and the deposit

If you rent a wetsuit as well as new, then we assume that you carefully handle it. When renting we calculate a deposit of € 100 per wetsuit. If the wetsuit is returned clean and undamaged again, you will be refunded immediately.

Our wetsuits are alone suitable for swimming and not for diving, surfing, supping, snorkeling etc. With activities other than swimming, the materials of our wetsuits will be damaged by certainty.

Return the wetsuit

After you have used the wetsuit and the rental period ends, we assume that you return the wetsuit to us without delay, so that we can rent it to another swimmer again.

You return the wetsuit in this way:

  • Clean the wetsuit after swimming by rinsing it with cold tap water
  • Has damage to the wetsuit? Let us know as soon as possible (before returning) by e-mail
  • with picture
  • Pack the wetsuit in the original packaging or box.
  • Return it to the store or send the package in your area via a package point.

Rental price as credit for purchasing a new wetsuit

Did you like swimming in the wetsuit? Then we are happy to help you purchase a new wetsuit. Within 6 months after renting a wetsuit you get the rental price (excl. shipping costs) from us as a discount on the purchase price of your new wetsuit. Please contact us before your purchase, we will arrange the discount for you.

    Do you have any questions, requests or comments?

    Then you can reach us through, our chat or by telephone +31-20-2610270. Good luck with swimming!

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