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Wahoo TICKR X Multi-Sport Motion & Heart Rate Monitor

Wahoo Fitness

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The heart rate monitor that is your personal sports partner. Via the Wahoo app you can easily do a simple test to determine your heart rate values. Just like the TICKR Run, the Wahoo TICKR X has a built-in accelerometer that records how you walk and how efficiently you do it. The running technique is determined on the basis of the movements of the body by providing insight into the fitting frequency (total number of steps per minute), the ground contact time (amount of time a foot makes contact with the ground during each step) and vertical oscillation (step height) in your running movement).

Based on the data from the accelerometer, a Wahoo Running Smoothness score is assigned that indicates how a person walks. This method is unique and specially developed by Wahoo Fitness. With this method you get the most out of running training. In addition, the TICKR X has a treadmill mode, which measures the speed and distance traveled while training on a treadmill. The TICKR works on the basis of Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT + with smartphone, GPS watch or bicycle navigation and is suitable for devices with both iOS and Android as a control program.

In addition to running, you can also use the TICKR X to measure your bike cadence in the Wahoo Fitness app and the Wahoo ELEMNT bike navigation. This makes it ideal for use during spinning lessons . What also makes the TICKR X unique is the combination with the 7 minute workout . You can do core stability exercises via the 7-minute workout.

The TICKR X supports and motivates by counting the number of repetitions of the exercises, heart rate measurement and calorie consumption. This makes it your ideal training partner.

The tap control function ensures that you can start your app in an easy way without having to touch your device. A simple tap on the sensor is sufficient. If you walk with music, you can easily control your media player by tapping. Ideal!

The internal memory of the TICKR X ensures that you can still measure your heart rate without a device, sports watch or GPS device. After your training automatically synchronizes your heart rate data to your smartphone. As a result you can analyze your workout afterwards. The fact that it is waterproof also makes it extremely suitable to wear while swimming.

In short, with this sensor you have a range of options for training and access to your training data. This in combination with your smartphone.

Features :

  • Heart rate monitor for targeted training based on heart rate
  • VO2max test in the app
  • Built-in motion sensor for the analysis of your walk
  • Simple and direct feedback while walking about your posture and technique via Running smoothness
  • Tapcontrol for operating your app and media player
  • Waterproof
  • Measurement of bicycle cadences
  • Works on the basis of Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT + with smartphone, GPS watch or bicycle navigation
  • Works with both iOS and Android operating systems (minimum Android 4.3 in combination with Bluetooth 4.0 or newer)
  • Comfortable elastic band that is easy to place and remove
  • Suitable for:
    • iPod touch 5G
    • iPad 3 and iPad 4
    • iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S
    • iPad mini
    • iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S
    • iPad Air
    • iPad mini Retina
  • Works together with more than 50 well-known sport apps, such as:
    • Wahoo Fitness
    • Runkeeper
    • Strava
    • MapMyFitness
    • Cyclemeter / Runmeter
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