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Wahoo Kickr Indoorbike

Wahoo Fitness

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Additional Information:
With the KICKR Bike, Wahoo has only one goal in mind: To bring the realism of your bike as true to life indoors. Wahoo does this by applying numerous innovations in the KICKR Bike. Thus, Wahoo managed to get almost all the features of the legendary KICKR line in one device. The KICKR Bike has, among other things, a built-in power meter and slope simulation. The only thing missing is the wind simulation. With this cycletrainer you have almost everything you need to keep in shape, without the hassle of changing cassettes, spindles or quick-release devices when you want to train indoors.

However, the KICKR Bike uses a different type of motor than the entire KICKR series, this is the absolute top model. This motor has a maximum power of 2200 watts and thanks to the large flywheel in combination with a motorized brake, it gives an extremely precise and realistic cycling feeling. The resistance change is very smooth, so that climbing, accelerating, decelerating and descending feel almost the same as on your bicycle! This realistic feeling is assisted by the slope simulation. The KICKR Bike contains the same technology as the KICKR Climb. This allows you to climb up to 20% and descend up to 15%. There is hardly a bike ride that cannot be simulated by the KICKR Bike!

Like riding outdoors
You can adjust the incline manually, but if you are doing a workout the KICKR Bike will adjust the incline and cadence automatically. Since the KICKR Bike actually changes the incline, it feels like you are actually climbing or descending. Shifting gears is also simulated as naturally as possible. Not only are the shifters realistically designed, they are also fully adjustable, from sprocket per chainring to entire groupsets from SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo. This makes shifting feel exactly like on your bike. And with the digital display on the frame, you can see exactly the gradient and the gear you're in.

3rd party apps and connectivity
Naturally, the Wahoo KICKR Bike connects to most popular workout apps, including Zwift, The Sufferfest, FulGaz, Rouvy and TrainerRoad. You can also use the Wahoo Fitness App and link any bike computer with a Bluetooth or ANT+ connection to the KICKR Bike.

Adjustment options
To get the most out of your outdoor cycling experience, you want to be on your bike trainer exactly the same as you are on your road or mountain bike. Fortunately, this can be done very easily with the Wahoo Fitness App. This allows you to copy the geometry of your bike very precisely and translate it to the KICKR Bike. You can adjust the KICKR Bike to your ideal position at up to 5 different points (saddle height and angle, frame height, stack, reach and crank length). Furthermore, because the KICKR Bike uses universal mounting options for the handlebars and saddles, you can easily replace them with your preferred handlebars or saddles.

The famous quality
Like the entire KICKR line of Wahoo you can expect the best quality and the best materials.

Wahoo Fitness App
The Wahoo Fitness App is available for free download in the Itunes App Store or Google Playstore. This app has 4 workout settings for the Wahoo KICKR:
1. Level mode: select a level from 1-9. The level you select determines how challenging the ride is, using a power curve similar to that of a standard trainer on air or liquid resistance (higher speed = more power).
2. Resistance mode: manually adjust the resistance from 0 to 100%.
3. Ergo mode: enter the desired power output and the trainer automatically adjusts to keep you at the specified wattage, regardless of your speed
4. Simulation mode: uses rolling resistance, air resistance, cyclist's weight and different gradients to simulate a real ride.

Standard delivery

- KICKR Bike
- Charging plug
- Allen wrench for assembly
- Platform pedals
- Handlebar mount
- Seat post and saddle mounting
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