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Triathlon wetsuit for children: MACH2 Kids
The best triathlon suit for children: the MACH2 Kids. This children's suit is ideal for sporty triathlon tigers who want to give everything. It fits well, it is easy to wear (and to take off) and it contributes to an improved swimming position.

Triathlon diving suit that you can easily put on
Very important: a wetsuit that you can quickly pull on and off. This saves a lot of time during your game when you have to change. It is simply better if it is easier if it is not so difficult to put on your suit. This triathlon wetsuit can be turned on or off quickly. It has a special super stretch panel on the armpits. This creates a bit more flexibility. And the triathlon wetsuit has a smooth coating that makes the suit slide easily over your skin.

Triathlon diving suit that ensures a better swimming position
Do you want a wetsuit that improves your position in the water? You take this suit up a bit in the water. And it helps you to keep your body more still. It has special panels that raise your chest, middle part and legs slightly. So it is easier to perform a good battle (crawling). Very good, a wet suit that helps you swim!

Comfortable and flexible wet suit for triathlon
Of course you want to be able to move well in your triathlon suit. This suit is extra flexible in important areas. This is good at attracting, but also very important when swimming. You want to be able to move in the water as freely as possible. With this wetsuit it can be done.

Durable and strong wet suit for children
The MACH2 Kids is made of strong material with a long lifespan. The YKK zipper is the strongest zip in the world. This can certainly be a beating! And the neoprene is thin, but very sturdy.

Wetsuit especially for children
The MACH2 Kids is a wetsuit that is specially made for children. Young triathletes also want to get the best out of themselves and this swimsuit, which was specially developed for triathlons, helps them achieve this. It has been developed for children, so taking into account their height and weight. In addition, more attention has been paid to comfort, so that the suit fits really well. It feels like a second skin and not like an unruly suit of neoprene.

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