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ROKA Maverick Comp II Wetsuit Heren Sleeveless


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With the patented Arms -Up ™ technology, the all -new Maverick Comp II is by far the best entry -level model ever made. With full freedom of movement on the shoulders, the Comp II is the fastest, most natural -looking wet suit on the market. It is the perfect suit to make starting people feel comfortable and comfortable in open water, or to help price conscious athletes to get technology and world -class performance without beating the bank.

Maverick Comp-II technologies:.

  1. RSX ™ Centerline Buoyancy: The patented technology that ROKA Wetsuits for the first time catapulted in front of the field: more buoyancy along the centerline of your body; Less buoyancy on the circumference. This allows you to have a faster side-by-side rotation and eliminate dead spots in the freestyle. The RSX construction in the Maverick X gives the smoothest, most natural rotation of every Maverick-Natpak.
  2. Different proof profile: By removing excess buoyancy from the breast (you have lungs for it) and add it exactly where you need it (lower body), the pack moves your buoyancy down, preventing sinking legs and you in a perfect horizontal position Comes swimming position.
  3. Voordeling material: All our wetsuits are designed from the inside. It is often overlooked that the textile lining on the inside of a wet pack has more limited stretch profiles than neoprene, and therefore has a greater impact on the flexibility of the suit than the rubber itself. Our suits are built with premium linings that are optimized for mechanics, stretch, support, comfort and low absorption.
  4. Independent neck detection: Our neck panel eliminates seams to help the neck of the suit move and reduce comfort and reduce wear.
  5. SCS Nano Coating: SCS (Super Composite Skin) Hydrofobe Nanocoating reduces the surface area for more speed and also improves durability.
  6. Neoprene composition: We only use the very best neoprene in the world of the Yamamoto Corporation based in Japan. Yamamoto-Neoprene is based on limestone and has a different cell structure than the more usual petroleum-based Neoprenen. It is wider, returns better in shape and offers an excellent ratio between insulation and weight. Yamamoto produces types of neoprene with variable performance and we use strategically different different neoprene (for different reasons) in different thicknesses in our colors. The result is an optimized speed, core temperature control and comfort.
  7. Stretch woven forearman panel : The Maverick X uses a premium stretch woven textile from Italy, developed for it super While swimming. The woven textile offers more strength and natural compression than a traditional knitted fabric, which results in greater durability and speed. The purpose of the Textile forearm is to maximize proprioception - or feeling - in the water. Swimming is all about the feeling for the water. Experienced swimmers believe that strategically placed textile gives a better "feeling" for the water then ordinary or coated neoprene.
  8. Fast release single panels : The rear ankle panels of our suits use a 2 mm panel at the bottom of the leg to help you kick your heel out of the range in T1. You may not notice a difference in a dressing room with a dry suit, but if you are up to speed in T1, your suit will fly away with the right technique and practice. Our ankle panels are glued warmly for extra durability and to enable you to shorten your legs neatly if adjustment is required.

Fit tips:

  • Neoprene wetsuits will be a bit looser in the water. Even if your suit feels tight on the land, it can just feel in the water.
  • Neoprene can stretch a little more when it is heated.
  • If you apply more than one size, the shrinking ensures that you connect well and that you need 10-12 minutes to put on the suit.
  • The suit must feel tight, but if it limits your breathing or limiting shoulder movements in the water, you must adjust it.
  • Expect to have anyone to help you close the suit. Help with the zipper is a sign of a fit.
  • Use the pads of your fingers to prevent cracks of the fingernail.

Size label comments:

  • Are you in between two sizes? We recommend that you are getting a size bigger.
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