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Q36.5 Cycling BibShort short Gregarius Ultra Mens Blue

Q36.5 Cycling Clothing

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These Q36.5 cycling pants are designed for long-lasting performance and quality. Excellent comfortable padding for the most demanding cyclist. The new redesigned version of our original, iconic Q36.5 Bibshorts Miles Gregarius to which we have introduced some improvements:

Q36.5 Made in Italy from Q36.5 on Vimeo.

New pre-formed and ergonomic cut: as a result of research in the field of ergogenic support, this new version has a development similar to the Elite Bibshorts, based on the principle of using as few strategically placed seams as possible, in order to improve pedaling support.
New proprietary cut for the horse area with attention to the disposition of the pad: an insert with a fabric containing Dyneema has been introduced in the pad area to increase tenacity and improve thermoregulation.
Anti-stress cut: a proprietary cut for the genital area, allowing greater freedom of movement and increasing the comfort of the pelvic area.
Proprietary bottom leg finish: no problem areas and less pressure, thanks to the silicone-free, raw cut on the bottom leg that keeps the pants in place. Uncomfortable elastic leg bottoms and silicone prints are problems of the past.
UF Knit 44: a new proprietary warp-knit fabric with a construction density of 44 gauge (44 stitches per cm2). Providing greater muscle support with a reduced weight of 200g, increasing strength and offering greater UV protection and sun deflection (it is 1.5C less than a similar all-black dyed fabric).
New braces construction system: light and breathable.
Super Moulded* back: offers full support for training, racing and long distances.
Lumbar support panel: a high density elastic shuttle fabric with silver yarn inside has been used to actively work to increase stability and body alignment while pedaling.

The lumbar support panel is an 'X' cut panel located above the back of the back of the shorts in all Q36.5 shorts. The panel is composed of an exclusive fabric that is woven with the highest density (warp force modulus 510, weft 620) of any other insert in the shorts; the ribbed structure operates as an architectural intervention, providing greater consistency in the fabric structure. This extreme compression (impossible, for example, with the knitted fabrics used by all other shorts manufacturers) creates an area of lumbar support and buttock muscles, giving the cyclist an improvement in stability, orientation, balance and proprioception in this critical area, where all the main muscles involved in the athletic gesture of pedalling are involved.

Following the intense experimentation that led to the development of our Fusion pad, which combines sewn and thermoformed elements in a single product, Q36.5 has used the results of its research to develop a new pad produced exclusively through the use of thermoforming. The new pad, called Super Moulded (SM), has the same dimensions as the FUSION and the padding has been calibrated according to the same density scheme and variable thicknesses in the perineal, ischial, genital and gluteal areas, which ensures a very refined definition of comfort in the saddle. The pad uses a special moulding technique to create a contact surface without reliefs and thicknesses, which is equivalent to a significant improvement in contact with the rider's skin. The SM pad is extremely high performance, designed to give a highly perceptible sensation with a very versatile support: from the more upright and vertical position of the non-competitive rider and the climbing position, passing through the 'road' position which exerts more pressure on the perineal area, to including the extreme angles of the time trial.

A preformed garment is cut in order to create the least possible resistance to the body when the cyclist gets on the saddle. In fact, cyclists will certainly notice how the preformed garments 'fall' naturally into the pedalling position even when they are hung. As a result, the wearer standing up may feel a slight tension or notice the presence of some folds, but everything changes when you ride the bike. At that point you will feel the maximum comfort and aerodynamics.

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