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Kask KOO Open bicycle glasses black

Kask Koo

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The name Koo stands for KASK Open OPtics. The bicycle glasses are manufactured from polycarbonate and 100% of Italian origin. The glasses mainly emphasize the glasses used that are produced by the worldwide known brand Zeiss.

The Kask KOO Open is made so that you can put it on your head in the most efficient way, in order to be able to offer you the clearest view. These glasses use a number of unique characteristics for this. So are the glasses and nasal wings adjustable optionally. In addition, a smaller size of nose bridge is supplied. All this ensures the perfect fit of your glasses while cycling.

The Koo Open is also made for ease of use. This way you can easily put the legs together to store the glasses and the lenses are easy and quick to replace.


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