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High5 whey protein recovery drink (1.6 kg)


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Protein drink supplemented with L-Glutamine and Leyne (5G/100G) for full recovery after heavy training or a tough competition.

The High5 Proteinner Covery contains whey protein (26%) for optimum structure of low -fat muscle mass, a rapidly absorbable carbohydrates for revitalizing the tired muscles. The added L-Glutamine for optimum cell recovery and cell growth.

Available in milk mix or in water mix in various delicious flavors. The banana-vanilla taste is a milk mix product.


  • High5 protein contains 100% pure Whey protein, good quality for (re) surface -mounted muscle mass.
  • Quickly absorbable carbohydrates for a smooth supplement of the energy reserve, and supplying the tired muscles.
  • Delicious taste, even when the hunger is suppressed by the effort.
  • The powder dissolves easily and quickly in the shaker.
  • Soft in the stomach and rapid absorption
  • Suitable for vegetarians and GMO free.
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