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High5 Energie Gel Plus Caffeine Box (20 pieces)


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The High5 Energygel is a high -quality, concentrated carbohydrate gel with a delicious, light natural fruit flavor.

Far thorough scientific research at High5 in the meantime developed this 4th generation of Energiegel. Each dose of 38g contains 23g pure Carbohydrates, so that every athlete is supplied with energy quickly and for a long time.

Easy to open, easy to swallow and easily digestible: H5 Energygel has conquered its place in the Wereld’s toughest competitions.

Already 2-5 minutes after the intake you feel a noticeable difference in your effort. This "turbo" brings your performance to a superior level for 45 minutes.

The H5 Energygel contains all Essential electrolytes For maximum moisture and carbohydrate intake and exists in no less than 7 different delicious, natural fruit flavors.

Crucial to make maximum efforts, High5 gels contain the electrolytes Sodium and potassium, which are essential in the process of converting carbohydrates into energy, and ensuring the best muscle effect.

Magnesium - The loss of magnesium by sweating causes fatigue and can cause cramps due to the role that this mineral plays in the controlled muscle contractions and the regulation of carbohydrate in energy.

Sodium - Many studies show that moisture retention is better, rehydration happens faster and more efficiently when sodium intake during effort.

Potassium - This mineral is by far the most important electrolyte present in the human cells. She plays an important role in the transmission of stimuli in nerve impulses, contraction of muscle cells, and general maintenance of the fully cardiovascular system.


Maltodextrin, glucose, caffeine, flavors, sodium, preservatives E211 E202.

Nutritional value per 30ml
Energy 384 KJ/ 92 KCAL
Carbohydrate 23 grams
Of which sugars 7 grams
Egg white 0.0 grams
Sodium 0.04 grams
Caffeine 0.03 grams




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