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Dynamic Super 7 Ultimate Bike Care Set

Dynamic Bike Care

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The Dynamic Super 7! The ultimate bike maintenance kit for road bikes, gravel bikes, MTBs and e-bikes.

Degrease the chain with Drivetrain Detox and wax the chain with Slick Wax which is long lasting. Wash your bike with Bio Filth Fighter and finish the cleaning with Protective Wax. All necessary brushes are included in this set.

Bio Filth FighterWith
this high-quality bike cleaner, every part of the bike, including your drivetrain, can be easily cleaned. Bio Filth Fighter's effective formula is optimized to remove both light dirt and stubborn grime without damaging the coating of your frame and parts made of rubber or other materials.

Bio Drivetrain DetoxThe
cleaner removes dirt, oil, wax and grease quickly and safely. The biodegradable formula can be easily rinsed off with water; it is the only cleaner of its kind without danger signs and warnings! Drivetrain Detox is designed to clean heavily soiled parts, it even cleans waterproof lubricants and greases.

Slick WaxChain wax
that is super long lasting, keeps your chain clean and dry and with excellent lubricating properties ensures a quiet and smooth running chain.

Protective waxProtect
your bike and give it a beautiful finish with Protective Wax! The protective wax provides long-term protection against corrosion and scratches from sand and salt.

Soft Washing BrushThe
Soft washing brush is ideal for cleaning your frame and components. The brush is specifically designed for cleaning the bike. The soft bristles make this brush suitable for use on all types of bikes where the rubber edge around the brush head provides extra protection. With the large brush head your bike will be clean in no time!

Claw brushThe
multifunctional Claw brush is suitable for cleaning your bike chain, cassette, derailleur and derailleur wheels. With three strong nylon brushes and a plastic brush suitable for removing mud from the cassette, this tool is ideal for maintaining the complete drivetrain of your bike.

Microfibre clothThe
perfect cleaning cloth: the multifunctional Microfibre cloth. The cloth can be used to clean and dry the drivetrain.


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