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Bliz Vision Nordic Light Cycling Glasses


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The Bliz Vision Nordic Light sunglasses for cycling and running are a unisex model made to fit wider faces and asian faces. A model with unique features to adapt to your personal preferences. Jawbone technology allows you to customize both vision and appearance. Function and comfort is top notch. Vision is made to meet the needs of the most demanding sports such as cycling, skiing and multisports. A great choice when both amateur and elite athletes demand the very best.

Because no two pairs of eyes are identical, Vision allows you to use an optical adapter (can be purchased separately). You can have this adapter adjusted to match the prescription of your glasses. The result is a model so finely tuned to your needs that you are always able to perform at the highest level. If you want glasses that are 100% on you - and only you - Vision is the choice for you.

They are technically advanced with lightweight and Jawbone technology. The nose pad and temples are easily adjusted for unsurpassed comfort. The large cylindrical lens has high optical quality and maximizes your field of vision. Vision is equipped with a Hydro Lens Tech lens, which gives you clear vision in any weather condition.


  • Vision Nordic Light is a unique lens, developed and designed for flat light conditions.
  • The lens offers full UV protection, minimal refraction, anti-scratch and also has hydrophobic qualities.
  • Vision has smart ventilation
  • Made of Grilamid TR90, a high-tech material with very high flexibility.
  • Fits asian and wider faces
  • Very flexible
  • Option for optical adapter (can be purchased separately)

Customization options
Leave nothing to chance. Vision is easily adapted to your needs. Without the Jawbone mounted on the morning run to enjoy nature with maximum field of view. And with Jawbone mounted during the bumpy mountain bike ride of the afternoon. Vision is carefully designed for different types of faces. The temples are made with a wire core that can be adjusted for an optimal fit. The nose pad is adjustable to make the goggles as comfortable as possible to wear. The lens is removable and can be easily switched to different lens colors and filter categories (can be purchased separately). The optical adapter (sold separately) can be included to adjust to the prescription of your personal glasses. Vision is the ultimate fitting for the ultimate performance.

Nordic Light is a unique lens, developed and designed for flat light. A light that can be harsh on the eyes when it comes to contrast. The Nordic Light lens primarily filters out the blurry colors in between. The other color peaks offer greater transmittance, giving you the best available color perception. By removing some aspects of the color spectrum, we significantly improve your vision and performance.

Light transmission 25-28% 49-51%
Category 2 1
Mirror Blue multicoating Blue
Lens Hydrophobic, Oleophobic, and Anti-Fog Hydrophobic, Oleophobic, and Anti-Fog
Innovative allround lens with game changing
characteristics. The recipe pops the contrasts
and blocks the faded colors in between. The
lens is a violet 2 lens. It cuts out parts of
red light and vastly enhances flat light visibility.
Additionally, it also blocks out destructive UV-light.

The 2 makes this a great lens in every
environment and every weather condition.
Glare from the sun is cut by the multi-coated
color. Compared to the Coral lens, this lens
works best in varying weather conditions.
Groundbreaking 1 lens that enhances
contrasts and blocks out destructive UV light.
These lenses cut out the blurry light in
between the clear colors. Leaving clear
colors gives your eyes more comfort and better
vision. The experience is that your visual
perception is boosted and you see contrasts
more clearly.

The soft and relaxing amber color gives your
eyes the relaxation and contrast needed to
keep focused all day long, especially in bad
weather conditions.

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