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BLACKROLL ® Super Band


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Fitness studio for in your pants pocket: training tape for core & strength training

The BLACKROLL ® SUPER BAND training band is a real enrichment for functional training. The tear-solid, stretchable and extremely flexible band has been developed specifically to stabilize the entire hull muscles. Due to the natural fibers used, the washable, skin-friendly material of the training band feels pleasantly soft on. The directed training of the abdomen, back and torso muscles improves the posture and the motility of muscles and joints.

In order to make the training as varied as possible, the BLACKROLL ® training band is available in three different colors and strengths that you can combine according to your needs. In addition to the BLACKROLL ® LOOP BANDS and the BLACKROLL ® RESIST BAND, the BLACKROLL ® SUPER BANDS can perfectly complement the functional training. With a length of 104 centimeters, they can be used flexibly to strengthen and stabilize the whole body. Our BLACKROLL ® SUPER BANDS are suitable for allergy sufferers not only by their pleasant surface area and skin-friendly materials. The training band is available in three different colours and strengths (orange = light, green = medium, blue = strong) to enable the functional training to be as versatile as possible and to set up different weather conditions.


Better Posture and Mobility Thanks to the Training Band

Because the BLACKROLL ® training andin every bag fits, you will always have your sports equipment with you. It does n' t matter if you want to train at home, in the gym, in the hotel or at the office-the BLACKROLL ® SUPER BAND is your regular accompanist. The tyres are also suitable for therapeutic use in support of the rehabilitation of sports injuries. And the best is: once the BLACKROLL ® Training Band with the BLACKROLL ® RESIST BAND, MULTIBAND and the LOOP BAND is combined, the functional training can be made even more extensive.

Due to the versatile use of the BLACKROLL ® SUPER BANDS and the targeted stabilization of the upper body, the training band is especially suitable for those with seated activities that often suffer from muscle tension, neck and back pain. Regular training with the BLACKROLL ® training band promotes a right-standing attitude. The amplifying and stretchable movements also provide for better flexibility, which makes the muscles feel much more relaxed after training.


Exercises with the SUPER BAND

Training with the BLACKROLL ® SUPER BAND is not only fun, but incredibly effective as well. Rowing, pull-ups and push-ups can be without any problems. You can also use the training band to strengthen your legs, shoulders and arms. BLACKROLL ® training bands are available individually or as a set to continuously expand the training offer. Beginners should start with a low resistance level and increase the intensity slowly. The BLACKROLL ® set, which contains three different coloured bands with different strengths (orange = light, green = medium, blue = strong), is ideal for advanced users to vary the resistance to desire and to provide new incentives for the muscles.

The basic material of the BLACKROLL ® SUPER BANDS is made of rubber, while the exterior is made of skin-friendly, soft textile fibres that leave no unpleasant redness or irritations on the skin. For the production of the tyres, only tested materials are used, which are also suitable for sensitive main types, especially for allergy sufferers. The textile material is not only skin friendly-it can also be cleaned at 60 ° with standard laundry detergents.

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