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BLACKROLL ® Standard


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The mother of all fascia rollers

The Blackroll STANDARD foam roller is ideal for people who want to improve their mobility and to treat painful muscle tension effectively. The Massage Foam Roller is a real classic, which not only serves as a self-massage and recovery tool, but can also be used for functional training to make deeper muscles more powerful. Due to a practical size and simple application, the STANDARD is the perfect partner during training, whether you want to train at home, in the fitness studio or on a trip.

The STANDARD foam roller is the ideal tool for self massage of the back, neck, the whole upper body, upper legs or calves. An experienced therapist may not replace the roller, but can perfectly compliment traditional treatment methods, such as physiotherapy, connective tissue massage, osteopathy. A partner does not need you during use, because the STANDARD is suitable for self-handling.

In addition, one works exclusively with own body weight, in order to vary the pressure on the tissue to massage according to need. Muscle pain and tension can be treated effectively with that, to speed up the recovery of the tense muscles and to loosen up fascial squalor. Even top athletes are convinced of the simple application and sustainable operation of the STANDARD.


The advantages of a fascia massage with the STANDARD

Muscle pain is not the only thing in the top sport. Many amateur athletes, as well as those who often go through the day, or are on the right side of the day, suffer from painful tensions in the body. These tensions can lead to chronic pain and movement restrictions. With the STANDARD foam roller, it is possible for everyone, to get an ideal massage tool in the home to actively treat and prevent muscle tension.

The roller is extremely versatile to be put in, both every day, but certainly during (or before or after) the sport, to be for muscle pain or typical overload and the resulting damage for. Once the foam roll is used more often, the relaxing effect becomes apparent. If you are looking for a simple and highly active tool for self-treatment, the STANDARD is guaranteed to be a right choice.

The STANDARD foam roller is a permanent guidance to help you optimise your performance and mobility of your muscles. Through the fascia massage you will choke the regeneration or recovery of muscles and colived fascia (connective tissue), which after the treatment once again feels wonderfully supple.

A fascia massage is similar to an intensive sports massage, which appeals not only to the superficial, but also to the deeper muscle groups. The technique of a soothing fascia massage can easily teach you and use daily to loosen tired muscles, in particular the billy muscles and back.

Functional fascia training with the STANDARD foam roller

The BLACKROLL ® STANDARD foam roller is suitable for both self-treatment and training equipment. The exercises can be varied or intensified at any time to make certain muscle groups more effective and to stimulate the blood flow of the muscles. You will not only feel fitter and perform better, you will also notice that the mobility and flexibility of the muscles improve, in order to reach a new level during the sport. By regular application of BLACKROLL ® STANDARD prevents overload and resulting pain, which in the worst case can lead to drag injuries. In principle fascia training is suitable for any muscle group, whether you want to treat your back, upper body, upper legs or calves. Through fascia training one can even reach the shin legs. The application of BLACKROLL ® STANDARD is simple. One works only with one's own body weight, to vary the fascia training and increase the degree of difficulty. The exercises with the BLACKROLL ® STANDARD are suitable for conscious muscle training, where complex movements are performed. Strength training and mobilisation of the muscles achieve better stability, which not only helps to improve in sport, but also makes you feel better in everyday life.

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