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BLACKROLL ® Smoove Board


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Suitable for the stending desk-with integrated fascia tools

Especially our workday is often characterized by extremely unhealthy, far too long sitting or standing periods. However, our body is not made for this and reacts with muscle and joint aches, bad body posture, pain and tension, but also with psychological effects such as an elevated stress level. With the SMOOVE BOARD, you can bring more movement into your daily work, as it motivates you to actively stand up. You train your muscles, improve your concentration, stimulate your heart and vascular system, relieve your back and whole body, burn more calories and feel generally better and in a better mood.

Bring your workplace to life

There ' s more to be done to create an ergonomic work space than just maintaining a proper sitting or attitude. Alternating sitting and standing at your desk, regularly varying your sit or stand posture and taking active motion course six have proven to help improve your physical and mental health and wellbeing and prevent pain. The BLACKROLL ® SMOOVE BOARD is specially designed to make you more comfortable and, above all, more active. It motivates you to integrate more movement into your daily work routine and improve your posture by training your muscles while you are at your desk. 


With the BLACKROLL ® SMOOVE BOARD you can already do something for your health at your workplace and the consequences of sitting or standing too stiff are counteracting, preventing and actively working on your posture and muscles. Of course, you can also use it in your free time. For example, you avoid backcomplaints and neck injuries that result from one-sided tax, especially when you ' re sitting at a desk.

What are the advantages of the BLACKROLL ® SMOOVE BOARD?

The SMOOVE BOARD consists of an innovative SmartLite foam, as known from sports shoes. The standing mat is pleasantly soft, very elastic and at the same time resistant to any form of load. The material has a pressure-lowering effect on the whole body, especially on the back and legs, and helps to counter any signs of fatigue. The ergonomic surface is structured to stimulate your feet and stimulate movement. The smaller grooves activate the soles of the feet, while the larger round sides can be used, for example, to stretch the roe. Your big toes can play with and hold on to the opening in the middle to strengthen their muscles. The edges on the sides of the board make it possible to move it into motion and stimulate the circulatory system.

The fascia tools, such as the MINI foamroller, the BALL and the TWISTER not only provide for the stretching, movement and massing of your feet. They keep your fascia supple, and you can use them to address pain points by exerting pressure on them. They also offer you the opportunity to change your standing position in many ways, for example by rolling your feet out with the MINI, with the ball laying your heel on it and stretching or by stimulating the balls of your feet on the little bends of the TWISTERS. Incidentally: It is most comfortable to use the SMOOVE BOARD on bare feet or with socks-especially if you want to massage your feet or stretch your feet. But it is also possible to use it with shoes. Because you are more comfortable on the board than on the hard floor, thanks to the ergonomic surface, you can vary your attitude and move yourself in motion with activating exercises, even with shoes.

Practice variation with the BLACKROLL ® SMOOVE BOARD

If you change position about two to three times an hour, just stand up and move for twenty minutes, you get your blood circulation going, you burn calories, you're more concentrated, more productive, and not only physically but mentally, but also mentally fitter.

The exercises on the BLACKROLL ® SMOOVE BOARD can easily be integrated into your daily life, as you are unknowingly encouraged to move more when you are on the SMOOVE BOARD. Whether it's at home or at the office.

Comfort, activation and prevention. These are the ways in which you can use the SMOOVE BOARD:
In comfort mode you will be comfortable and exculent on the SMOOVE BOARD and you can gently shift your weight to it and take on different foot positions.
In the activation mode, you move the board in motion by swinging it. You can switch between left and right, back and forth, or with your feet moving forward.

Prevention is made possible by the SMOOVE BOARD by means of stretching exercises and massage units with the integrated fascia tools BALL 08, MINI and TWISTER, but also by the toensplit.

Just do what you want to do. The most important thing is to stay in motion!

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