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Blackroll® Pillow Case Climate


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Helps regulate your sleeping temperature: sweat less & freeze less

Pillow Case Climate Pillow Case fits perfectly on your recovery pillow. The cover with Phase Change Material of Thermoculestm on the top of the pillowcase regulates temperature and humidity optimally - for a pleasant sleeping feeling. In addition, the cover protects the cushion for dirt, dust and sweat and seamlessly adjusts to the contours of the pillow. Our body temperature drops slightly while sleeping.

The PHase Change Material of the temperature-regulating pillow Case Climate records the heat, stores it and displays it in the course of the night, to warm up the body when it needs the heat again for optimum humidity and temperature management.

The outlast®Technology ensures that it is never too hot or too cold when you sleep on the climate pillowcase. This pillowcase is particularly well suited for those who fight at night with temperature fluctuations, often sweat, or it is cold. Pillow Case Climate offers the ultimate balance for a regenerative sleep.

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  • Temperature-regulating material: The Outlast® technology on the top of the pillowcase contains Phase Change Materials (PCM), which can record heat, and release. In this way it ensures optimum moisture and temperature management. Records during the Phase Change Material heat, it has a cooling effect. Exactly the moment your body needs it, the pillowcase warms up again. The breathable, soft and quick-drying material is also fully functional after additional use and washes.

  • Perfect fit: The pillowcase is cut to size for the recovery pillow. The better the fit of a pillowcase, the better one sleeps. Unnecessary folds that often arise through a much too large pillowcase is not only disturbing, but also very uncomfortable.

  • Maintenance: The pillowcase can be washed with a normal detergent at 40 ° C in the washing machine. After several washes, the Blackroll loses®Pillow Case Climate Neither the form nor its temperature regulating function. Due to the handy zipper of the cover, it is changed in no time.

When you are looking for a temperature-regulating pillowcase for the Recovery Pillow, you will find it with the BlackRoll®Pillow Case Climate. The pillowcase with Phase Change Material distinguishes itself through optimum temperature and humidity management. The outlast®Technology with Phase Change material makes it possible that heat is stored in the material and then returns when the body needs it. Due to the zipper it is easy to replace the pillowcase quickly. It protects your pillow for dirt and is therefore the perfect basis for a relaxed sleep with perfect temperature control.

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