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Blackroll® Multi Band


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The Multi Band is a real revolution among the gymnastics tires. Unlike other training tires, the Blackroll® fitness band is equipped with a unique material that is not only extremely durable, but also washable. Even on bare skin, the multi-band causes no problems because it feels pleasantly soft.

Who trains with the BlackRoll® gymnastics band will not give it off your hands. Different loops enable individual functional training that appeals to all muscle groups. At the same time you can improve your coordination and mobility. That is why the Blackroll®-loop band is a real all-rounder.


Gym tape for every size and age category

In the past you needed different training tires to strengthen your body. That was yesterday. Today you train with the multi band that your muscles tackles. In contrast to other products, the multi-band is equipped with several loops, so that children and adults can use the band individually.

Depending on your performance level, you can change the resistance continuously by using the outer or inner loops. Once you have used the BlackRoll® loop band, you will be amazed by the versatility of this exercise band. Not to mention the skin-friendly materials (Oeko-Tex® Standard 100), which are washable at 60 degrees Celsius.



Advantages of the Multi Band

Due to its versatility and simple manual, the BlackRoll® Multi Band is the ultimate training tool. The biggest benefits are the loops that make the band a real all-rounder. Thanks to the loops, the time-consuming wrapping of the hands is finally belonging to the past. Not only the size can be individually determined by the loops - you can also vary the resistance virtually unlimited by using the loop strap for reinforcement or mobilization or for stretching or shortened muscles.

Another advantage is the material that is particularly skin-friendly. Allergy patients can easily use the Blackroll® fitness band because it is made of a woven rubber. Although the multi band is extremely stretchable, it is also very flexible and tear-resistant. The best thing is that the tape takes up little space so that you can use it everywhere, whether you are at home at home, at home, in the gym or on the road.


Functional training with the Multi Band

The Blackroll® fitness band has not been interesting for the private consumer for a long time, but also for fitness trainers and physiotherapists. You do not need expensive fitness devices for your training because the BlackRoll® Multi Band makes a versatile, individual use possible. Due to the loops you benefit from custom resistors and complete freedom of movement. In addition to selected power and rotation exercises, you can reinforce every muscle group of your body. In addition, functional training with the Blackroll® Multi Band gives you more stability in daily life, because it trains coordination and mobility.

Training with the BlackRoll® Multi Band is extremely pleasant for the joints, making the tool especially suitable for people with joint problems. Incidentally, both complex processes and isolated movements can be trained, so that the BlackRoll® multi-band can be used in both free time and in the professional sport. Once you combine the training tape with other Blackroll® products, you can expand your training.

Exercises for shoulder, back or legs are no longer a problem with the Blackroll® Multi Band. You can even reinforce your triceps and biceps thanks to the loops that your hands and feet support evenly. By performing complex movements, your muscles are not only reinforced - they are also stretched because you use the full range of motion.


Functional training: where you have to take into account

Even though training with the Blackroll® Multi Band at first sight seems very easy, you should approach it slowly. Start with simple exercises before you start with complex movements. This is the only way to do the training tidy and without mistakes. The more often you practice with the Blackroll® Multi Band, the safer your functional training will be. If you have mastered the exercises, you can increase resistance or number of repetitions.

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