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Blackroll® Mini Flow


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The Blackroll® mini flow foam roller is a lot smaller than the Blackroll® Standard. This foam roller is a further development of the Blackroll® Mini Foam Roller. The BlackRoll® Mini Flow releases adhesions and muscle stresses and stimulates blood circulation in tense areas. The Blackroll® Mini Flow is also the ideal travel companion. Whether you are traveling in front of the computer screen, because of its compact format it fits in every handbag, travel bag or pocket and you can handle it everywhere.

Small & handy


Unlike the Blackroll® Standard, the BlackRoll® mini flow is small and therefore easy to use. It is only 15 centimeters long and has a diameter of 6 centimeters. The small Blackroll® mini flow is with 18 grams of weight light and therefore easy to use. If you are traveling now, or are exercising or in the office; You can use the BlackRoll® Mini Flow everywhere.

When you use the Blackroll® Mini Flow Foam Roller, you will be excited about the effect of this foam roller. The Blackroll® mini flow has a structured surface with ribs and this creates a double effect: (1) regeneration of muscles and (2) active stimulation of tense muscles. This is also the BlackRoll® Mini Flow available in 5 different colors!

Use the BlackRoll® mini flow for the treatment of small, vulnerable muscle groups that are difficult to reach with a larger foam roller. The BlackRoll® mini flow is therefore perfect for self-massage of the forearms, upper arms, calves, achilles tendon, soles of feet and the (not to be forgotten) small back muscles that extend beside the backbone.

Fascial massage with the mini flow fasciarol

As mentioned earlier, the Blackroll® mini flow has a double function. And this function is incredibly effective. Furthermore, the BlackRoll® Mini Flow is easy to take with you and you don't have anyone else, but only to do yourself to do with the BlackRoll® mini flow fascial training. Your own body weight is sufficient to increase the pressure on the tissue to be massaged (or decrease). You do this against the wall, on a table or on the floor to massage your shoulders, arms, feet soles, calves or Achilles tendon. If you want to treat the back muscle fibers from your thighs, you can combine the Blackroll® mini flow foam roller with the Blackroll® Block to better reach muscle tensions and adhesions. Use the BlackRoll® Block for your underwarming. Exercises with the Blackroll® mini flow foam roller you learn easily and quickly and can be performed almost everywhere. If you actively run the fascial massage, you also improve the mobility of your muscles.

Topseller with successful study

The BlackRoll® Mini Flow proves to be as effective as an effective massage tool. This is apparent from an investigation to which 37 office workers participated. They used the Blackroll® Mini Flow for three weeks to massage the feet soles (plantar fascia) twice a day for five minutes. The result is clear: their spiritual and physical well-being was considerably improved. These effects loved four weeks. You can find the detailed report of this study here. The fascial training with the BlackRoll® mini flow is similar to a foot reflex massage that activates every part of the body. Muscles and organs are stimulated evenly with a foot reflex zone massage. That is why the BlackRoll® mini flow foam roller is so particularly effective!

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