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Blackroll® med 45


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The Softie in Extra Lang - for Pilates Training

Muscle stresses are not rare more today. They are often caused by unilateral attitudes or stress. People in particular are affected for a computer screen all day. Once the tensions are not treated, complaints may arise such as headache or dizziness. Blackroll® has developed a special foam roll that is not only softer but also longer than the classic Blackroll® Standard.

The Blackroll® med 45 belongs to the group of foam rolls that are mainly used in therapeutic and sporting applications. Unlike our BlackRoll® Standard, the Blackroll® med 45 has a lot of softer surface, which many customers find particularly pleasant. To provide you with a larger contact surface for self-massage, we have developed the BlackRoll® Med 45 foam roll. This is 15 centimeters longer than the BlackRoll® Med (30 cm length) and has long been proven to therapeutic.

The Blackroll® med 45 is a real relief especially for the back. Persons who are sensitive to pain or slim are, who want a particularly soft fascial massage, like to use this foam roller. If you know the Blackroll® Standard, will be happy with the elasticity of the Blackroll® med 45, because the role is 20 percent softer. However, you do not have to do balance exercises while rolling up the foam.


Fascial massage with the Blackroll® med 45

With the help of the BlackRoll® Med 45 foam roll, you can noticily increase the elasticity and performance of your muscles with little effort and simple exercises. Due to its length of 45 cm, the foam roller offers a larger contact surface. That is why it is particularly suitable for back massage. Of course you can also use the foam roller for self-massage of legs and calves. Therapists and trainers use this roller in particular to offer athletes not only a larger but also a softer contact surface during fascial training. Due to the low hardness and optimum elasticity, your muscles are particularly loosened. The suspended Facia are loosened and tense muscles are better blooded.

Fascial training with Blackroll®

The 20 percent softer Blackroll® med 45 foam role is an ideal addition to fascial training. Due to regular self-massage, your muscles and fascia, the untreated movement problems are massively massaged. Regular fascial massage with the BlackRoll® med 45 prevents stress and painful trigger points in the first place. The performance capacity of your muscles is noticeably increased. Especially for the thoracic and lumbar spine, Blackroll® med 45 is the ideal massage means, because it is 15 centimeters longer than Blackroll® Med. That is why you can handle the entire back with Blackroll® Med 45 if you are leaving or leaning against the wall. Due to the softer material, the massage is also less intensive or softer because the spine thorns of the spine, the shin legs and the calves are protected. However, with the BlackRoll® med 45 you can use your own body weight to exert sufficient pressure to the tissue to be massaged to treat the entire body. In addition to Blackroll® Med, Blackroll® Med 45 is one of the classics under the Blackroll® products that is a real enrichment in the field of training and therapeutic. If you are looking for a harder role, you can take the Blackroll® Standard home, which is 20 percent harder than the Blackroll® med 45.

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