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For rolling beginners and those who like softer

Every person is different and has his or her own needs. We know this from BLACKROLL® and we thus have different foam rollers developed based on different needs. The MED foam roller is softer than the strandard and is suitable for beginners. But if you are sensitive to pain and you want to exercise caution and pain free, the MED foam roller is the right choice. The MED of softer material is made (20 percent softer than STANDARD foam roller), is an advantage for beginners and if you are sensitive to pain.

Due to the lesser hardness is MED fascia massage with the foam roller pieces more pleasant than with the harder STANDARD. This is because the MED foam roller gives a gentle pressure on the connective tissue, and is therefore less intensive. The MED foam roller is therefore very suitable for therapeutic use.


Self-massage with the foam roller MED

Since the MED foam roller is softer than STANDARD, facilitates self-massage of the muscles. The MED foam roller do fascial adhesions discreet loose and reduce body tension. This improves your mobility and performance of your muscles. If you regularly yourself massaging with the MED foam roller can overload and poor attitude (or damage as a result) are regulated. By using MED foam roller, you stimulate the regeneration of the muscles. So you avoid tension and fascial adhesions.

Fascia training with high efficacy

As with all foam rollers BLACKROLL®, you can vary the intensity of the treatment with the BLACKROLL® MED FOAM ROLLER: play with your body weight to massage something more powerful or less intensive to make. Exercises with BLACKROLL® MED FOAM ROLLER are not only very simple and effective - they are very fun to do! Be the foam roller every moment of the day had to tackle, because training with the BLACKROLL® MED ROLLER FOAM only takes a few minutes. It is important that you perform the exercises correctly so that you incur no injuries. The positive effect of self-massage with BLACKROLL® MED FOAM ROLLER has been felt after some time. Fascia massage stimulates blood flow to the tissue. This makes muscles feel significantly more relaxed. Furthermore, you can train and improve your muscle flexibility. To keep as varied as possible the training, you can BLACKROLL® MED FOAM ROLLER on the floor, but also use the wall to massage your muscles with fluid movements. Note: because the BLACKROLL® MED FOAM ROLLER is softer than the BLACKROLL® STANDARD FOAM ROLLER, you have no standing balance exercises have on this foam roller. We also recommend the BLACKROLL® MED FOAM ROLLER for people weighing up to 75 kilograms. Incidentally, the BLACKROLL® MED ROLLER FOAM is also available as BLACKROLL® MED 45. This is slightly longer (45 cm) than the MED BLACKROLL® FOAM ROLLER, making it reaches a larger area of ​​your body. Because of this magnitude is BLACKROLL® MED 45 one of our best foam rollers to massage the entire back.

When the BLACKROLL® MED FOAM ROLLER want to use for functional training, choose the BLACKROLL® STANDARD FOAM ROLLER, because it is harder and therefore more suitable for heavier exercises. The BLACKROLL® STANDARD FOAM ROLLER can train your muscles and fascia actively used to relieve pain and movement restrictions prevent.

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