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BLACKROLL® Duoball 12


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Such as a massage with two fists. Hallelujah!

The Duoball of BLACKROLL® with a diameter of 12 centimeters is not only small and practical, but also incredibly effective. Two massage balls are suitable for massaging the parallel back muscles, and in particular that parallel to the spine. Muscle tensions can be extremely painful. Especially when pain radiates and mobility is limited. With the Duoball 12 of BLACKROLL® you can easily treat these pain points yourself. And the best thing is: the help of another is not necessary at all, because the product consists of two massage balls that have fused seamlessly with each other. The distance between the balls is deliberately determined to save the ends of the vertebrae. In this way you can simultaneously massage the muscle strands that run next to the thoracic and lower back. In addition, the Duoball for self -treatment of the flanks, thighs, arms and calves is very suitable. Due to the diameter of 12 centimeters you can massage larger surfaces, but also massage point by point, to treat tense muscles and painful hotspots. The Duoball 08 can be a valuable addition in this regard, to reach deeper muscles and to strengthen the massage effect.

Made in Germany

Both the Duoball and the other products from BLACKROLL® consists of recyclable, non-contaminating material, which takes into account the environment. Due to the environmentally friendly production process, the massageball is completely odorless and easy to clean. The hardness is perfectly tailored to your needs, so that the Duoball can be used not only for recovery, but also for fascia massage and training. Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds our muscles. When these are glued, they can cause pain that are comparable with tendon inflammation. An experienced therapist can do the duoball of BLACKROLL® not replaced, but it is certainly a valuable help for the self -massage. In combination with the Ball 08 and Ball 12 you can treat individual muscles, in particular in the shoulder range, but also the calves and buttock muscles, to loosen painful hotspots with a pleasant fascia massage.


Fascia massage with the duob ball of BLACKROLL® 

Due to the top combination of two equally large massage balls, the Duoball Das is the ideal massage tool for parallel back muscles. Due to the narrow recess, the bottled structures are not trapped, in particular the ends of the vertebrae, the shin and fibula, or the bones in the forearms. In this way one can not only massage the long back muscles, but arms and legs can also be treated with the Duoball. If you bump on hotspots, particularly painful or sensitive spots during the Masage, stay a little longer to loosen the tense muscles. The Duoball 08 is slightly better suited for the neck, because it fits in with its eight centimeters better in this range.

Fascia training with BLACKROLL®: exercises for optimum recovery

The Duoball is a bestseller of BLACKROLL. The tool was developed to make active recovery possible and thereby loosening tense muscles and to improve blood flow and mobility. Functional fascia training with the masas balls ofBLACKROLL® is not only therapeutically useful - it is also fun to do! While doing the exercises you work with their own body weight, where you can place on the ball on the floor or by leaning against the wall with the ball between body and wall. To relieve the pressure on the ball, you can support your arms and legs. Through the active movement of your body you massage the concerned muscles. These then feel much softer and looser after the treatment. You can even use the ball for the mobilization of the shoulders, which often retains a lot of tension.

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